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Review: The New Toyota Corolla Altis

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When I first saw the new Toyota Co‎rolla Altis, I thought it was just another sedan Toyota has designed and manufactured, I was completely awed by the time I’m done with the test drive.
Here’s my review on the car:
  • Keyless Entry- I could get into the car without having to unlock with a key.  Gone are the days of fishing the key from my heavy bag, the crew sneakily drop the key into my bag, I didn’t realise until they told me.
  • ‎Keyless Start- I could start the car without the key, I had experience of losing my keys which were swimming in my bag, so this enable a quicker drive off
  • Electric Boot Release- trunk opens with a light touch, perfect when my hands are full (with bubba and shopping
  • Wide Trunk Space- I could put 2 strollers which is good for families or for hanging out with another gf who has a toddler.  Bubba could even jump in it


  • ISO-Fix Child Restraint Capabilities- Bubba is safely anchored and secured throughout the entire journey
  • Built-in DVD Infotainment With Navigation Function- This is great because I amusually alone with Bubba most of the times, it’s great for keeping him entertained and less restless
  • Auto climate- The car ‘senses’ the ambient temperature and adjust automatically. This is a great feature as it keeps Bubba cool and comfortable. This ‘calm-your-child’ function kept Bubba cool and when he’s cool, I am cool and focused on the road


  • Acoustic Windscreen- The windscreen has an acoustic layer sandwiched in between two glass layers to reduce the exterior noise. Bubba fell asleep because the car was very quiet
  • Surround Sound System- When bubba fell asleep, I could listen to my own music and drive and it feels like I am in my own music cocoon
  • Turning Stability- The car is stable and the handling is smooth, I would say it has precise perfect steering abilities
  • Intuitive Wiper Speed- Wipers were sweeping faster as the rain got heavier
  • Intuitive Side Mirror and Headlights- Headlights lit up when I went into the tunnel which allows me to see clearly.  I didn’t have to switch it on and off when I drove out of the tunnel.
The new Toyota Co‎rolla Altis is truly a car for a busy mom. It works like it is part of my brain and knows what I’m thinking.  I highly recommend it to mommies who are looking to buy a value for money car.
Price with COE: $139, 147 (as of 9th Jan 2014)
6 Months Road Tax: $371
Registration Fee: $140
In Vehicle Unit: $$200
Number Plate: $30
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