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From 23 June 2014 to 27 July, Greenwood Fish Market & Bistro is hosting a World Oyster Festival featuring many types of oysters. We decided to kick back and enjoy ourselves with the oysters and a few glasses of Sauvignon Blanc.  Tsk Tsk! For those who owns a American Express Platinum Credit Card, you get 20% off oysters from the ala carte menu at the Greenwood Fish Bistro under the Platinum Private Deals.

Oysters are best and safest to eat when they are fresh, and fresh means live here.  Milkiness in oysters is triggered by warm weather (or warm waters) when the oysters are beginning to reproduce, this is the stage when they are ‘fattest’ and ‘thinnest’ and most flat when they have just spawned.  Cold weather makes them hibernate and start to fatten up when they begin to eat and feed, we were told the Japanese only sell their oysters during winter for freshness and superior quality.  We were advised to avoid oysters from China (for obvious sanitary reasons) and Chile (only if they are frozen because the journey for the oysters to reach us in Singapore would take 35 hours- completely not safe to eat)


  • Oysters must be live before eating and how do we know if they are alive? Simply using lemon juice or a fork to gently touch the outer edge of the flesh to make the oyster move.
  • Never eat oysters with Tabasco, they are best eaten with lemon juice only.
  • Start with the less briny to more briny oyster when eating a variety of oysters.

Oyster Fact- Do you know that the lines on the shell of an oyster tell their age? Each line is a season, so if an oyster is a year old, there should be 4 lines.

COFFIN BAY (South Australia)
GW- Coffin Bay
Australia oysters are always well-shaped with dark colour shell.  The Coffin Bay oyster has a petite well rounded shell, meaty, clean crisp and very briny with a sweet finishing taste.

COROMANDAL (Northern New Zealand)
GW- Coromandel Bay
This oyster has smaller flesh and a medium level briny, with a crispy, semi sweet & cucumber finishing taste.

GW- Mary Pointt
This oyster has a massive flesh size and has a soft-textured, sweet, not salty and musky favour.

TAUTON BAY (Boston, Eastern America)
GW- Tauton Bay
The Tauton Bay oyster is said to have an extra salty bite with a copper finish in the taste.  The one we had is a milky because it is the time they reproduce.

FINE SE CLAIRE (Marennes-Oleron, France)
GW- Fine
This oyster has a delicate, white flesh and a briny flavour. The salty taste may remind us of soy sauce and it finishes with a mild hazelnut taste.

TSARSKAYA (Brittany)
GW- Tsarskaya
Created as an homage to the Russian Tsars, the Tsarskaya oyster is famous for it firm to crunchy flesh, it is also powerful on the palette, pure and with a taste of iodine, one can also detect a slight tinge of sweet almond, slight hunt of acidity & halzenut.  This is the best tasting oyster we had so far, the taste of the oyster keeps repeating while it is in our mouth.

Oyster lovers would love Greenwood’s Oyster Tuesdays, each oyster is only $1.50 with every main course ordered for each person.  Don’t we love good food and not breaking our wallets?

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Greenwood Fish Market & Bistro is at 34 & 38 Greenwood Avenue, Singapore 289236.
For reservations, please call +65 6467 4950
Operating hours:
Fish Market & Wine Shop- 11:00am - 10:30pm
Bistro & Oyster Bar- 12:00noon - 10:30pm
For more information, please go to
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