Sakura International Buffet’s Seafood Sensation

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Awaken your senses with Sakura International Buffet’s Seafood Sensation

Ready to dive into the sweet, fresh taste of the sea? Sakura International Buffet has introduced an intoxicating Seafood Sensation corner that consists of twelve new seafood dishes – all at the same buffet price! This newly-added corner to Sakura’s current buffet line-up will be available from now till the end of August! We were delighted to try out all the new seafood dishes!

The most impressive part about the buffet experience at Sakura was the vast selection of food we got to choose from! Our eyes and hands were kept busy as we grabbed a little of every single dish! Our favourite had got to be the Black Pepper Slipper Lobster, crustacean bathed in glorious fiery black pepper sauce. The sauce was so flavourful it left us with a lingering peppered fragrance and going for a few more rounds of it! Another delectable dish was the Salted Egg Yolk Red Prawns. Honestly, nothing can go wrong with salted egg yolk sauce, can it? The creamy egg yolk sauce coating the fresh red prawns from Argentina was especially unique as we were wowed by the hot factor that kicked in few seconds later. Definitely a must-try for all spicy food lovers!


We also tried maki in creative flavours – Ebi Fry Avocado Maki, King Crab Sushi, Crayfish Salad Mango Maki and many others that were topped with Mentai- and they tasted full of pleasant surprises! Seafood Sensation also features a King Crab Seafood Mini Bucket. Peek into it and there is an enormous King Crab accompanied with prawns, clams, squids, scallops,potatoes and sweet corns, all dipped in chilli sauce! Yummy!

Ever bitten excitedly into a durian treat and realising that it tastes so artificial? (yucks!) We were crazy about the Durian Pengat dessert – it sent us straight to the durian heavens with its rich authentic duriantaste! Among the plentiful types of desserts available, there was a waffle counter and we even got to add scoops of Haagen Dazs ice-cream on top of our freshly prepared waffles!

Verdict? This buffet is surely worth every dime in your pockets!


Address: 93A Clementi Road, Singapore 129781.

Lunch: Mondays to Fridays (12pm to 3pm, last serving at 2:30pm) | S$25.80 (adults and senior citizens above 60 years) | S$16.80 (Children below 12 years old and 1.4m).

Brunch: Saturdays / Sundays / Eve of Public Holidays (11:30am to 3:30pm, last serving 3pm) | S$39.80 (adults) | S$35.80 (senior citizens above 60 years) | S$18.80 (Children below 12 years old and 1.4m).

Dinner for Mondays to Thursdays (6pm to 10pm): S$39.80 (adults) | S$35.80 (senior citizens above 60 years) | S$18.80 (Children below 12 years old and 1.4m).

Dinner for Fridays to Sundays / Eve of Public Holidays / Public Holidays (5:30pm to 10pm): S$42.80 (adults) | S$38.80 (senior citizens above 60 years) | S$19.80 (Children below 12 years old and 1.4m).

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