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ShopandBox, Global Personal Shopping Service



Dying to get your hands on those sought after yet affordable skincare brands only available in French pharmacies?

The brainchild of Melbourne-based husband-and-wife team, Xin-lung Tai and Rebecca Chia, ShopandBox, is a global personal shopping service that allows you to shop like a local anywhere in the world with the help of a Personal Shopper based in the country of your choice, known affectionately as a Boxer. ShopandBox has built a customer base of over 30,000 loyal Shoppers across 146 countries since its launch in 2013 and a growing pool of 80 Boxers located in over 20 countries with orders of over 153,000 products.


ShopandBox enables Shoppers, in a fun and easy way, to buy items that are either not available in the country they are based at, or are available, but at a much higher price. Particularly popular with Shoppers seeking limited edition beauty items that never reach Australia or South East Asia, ShopandBox Boxers are experts in what’s trending and are seasoned at beating the queues to get you your desired items.


In February and March this year, Boxers managed to snap up over 400 units of the Kylie Lip Kit for in-the-know overseas Shoppers before it sold out. And demand for LA beauty brand Colourpop and up-and-coming modern minimalist cosmetic brand Glossier have been extremely popular too, with Boxers seeing a month-on-month explosion of orders for these hip brands.

Australian Shoppers are using ShopandBox to purchase lines that are much cheaper overseas or take longer to reach us. MAC lipsticks cost almost double in Australia compared to in the US and while Sephora is now on our shores, it doesn’t stock everything that is available in the US or if it does, some items only make an appearance months after they’ve been released in the US.

Not only for the hard to get beauty items, strangely enough, one of the most commonly requested items from Shoppers is for teeth whitening products. Amongst other things, people often use ShopandBox to find fitness items like sneakers or luxury items like bags, shoes and wallets that they can’t get locally or would otherwise enjoy significant savings from.

Boxers do not mark up the cost of items

Unlike existing freight forwarding services, ShopandBox delivers a completely personalised service from start to finish. Boxers do not mark up the cost of items and simply collect a small service fee of 10-14% of the total bill as compensation for their time and effort. A Shopper who uses ShopandBox enjoys a one-on-one shopping experience with a Boxer who shares the same interests. Boxers are happy to shop across multiple stores and give real-time updates on product availability. They also recommend items and access limited edition items and sales that Shoppers would otherwise not be able to enjoy. To top it off, a Shopper can trust that their Boxer is going to check, photograph and repackage their items so that their international shipping is optimized. An exclusive partnership with DHL Express ensures that ShopandBox offers international door-to-door service in just 1-3 days with lowers rates than any other shipping method.

What are you waiting for? Use ShopandBox to save time and money! Visit www.shopandbox.com to start shopping now!

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