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Remember the day you found out that you’re expecting? Now, do you remember everyone telling you how you’ll never sleep again? Meet Tizzie Hall, the bestselling author of Save Our Sleep and you’ll prove everyone wrong.

Being gifted with the patience and desire to care for babies, The Baby Whisperer has been helping parents and babies worldwide to sleep soundly and safely. Tizzie graced our sunny shores and shared some tips with us:
Routine, routine, routine (and make your life a little more smooth-sailing!)
Having a schedule have your baby feel secure, as she will know what is going to happen next. This also helps you to plan your day, as you know when will be the ideal time for Bubba to go for a doctor’s appointment or if it’s time to fill those little tummies. Tizzie says that you can start some form of sleeping and feeding routine by week two, as starting early prevents the need for drastic change of schedules.
The Dreamfeed
The Dreamfeed is to avoid parents from having to wake up more than once at night. For example, if your baby’s bedtime is 7pm, the recommended Dreamfeed is at 10.30pm. Your baby will then mostly like wake up around 2am. When back in bed, little Bubba will most likely stay asleep till 7am. See, you’ll only having to wake up once!
Babies need to sleep well in order to eat well, and eat well in order to sleep well.
Perhaps we all know this too well ourselves, and it’s good to know that it’s the same goes for Bubbas too.
Is Bubba eating enough?
One of the telltale signs is Bubba catnapping during the night or waking up at night. To solve this, simply feed Bubba until she stops feeding. If Bubba is bottle-fed, there should always be milk left in the bottle to ensure that there will be more available, when Bubba wants more. When Bubba starts solids, it is good to have two tastes at each meal, as Bubba can stop eating simply because they get bored of having one taste.
To sleep well, Bubbas need to be warm and toasty enough.
When a baby is warm, she sleeps on her back, face up with open arms. When a baby is cold, she sleeps back up with her arms and legs tucked under her tummy, which is extremely unsafe and can lead to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). Babies feeling chilly at night also tend to wale up around 4am. To find out how much sleep Bubba needs, refer to
Bubbas sleep well, Bubbas sleep safe. A safe sleeping environment is essential in preventing Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). Choose a cot that has slats on all sides for maximum airflow. When it comes to mattresses, pick one that does not leave an imprint when you press your palm in. A firmer mattress allows better air flow. Like many parents, I have a plastic mat under the bedsheet, just in case Bubba’s diaper leaks. Tizzie recommends we use place a towel under the sheets instead and once again, for better airflow. A cot can be reused for another baby, just be sure to check for defects, but never reuse a mattress for hygiene purposes. Finland is known for having one of the world’s lowest infant mortality rates, all thanks to a cardboard box of baby goodies! Sometimes, less is more.
If I’m feeding Bubba enough, why does she still have problems sleeping?
So Bubba’s well-fed and feeling all cosy in her pjs, but she’s still waking up in the middle of the night? Tizzie’s answer to that: don’t use aids to get your Bubba to sleep, when they’re over eight weeks old. Rocking to sleep and using a pacifier can get Bubbas to sleep, but when they wake up at night, they expect be rocked back to sleep or have that pacifier back in their mouths. Don’t start these habits, if you haven’t. If you have, start weaning off these habits and the earlier you start, the easier it is. If you’re moving house, try to get your Bubba to sleep in the same cot from the very first night and introduce Bubba to her new environment. If you can’t get that cot assembled in time for the first night, let Bubba sleep in a travel cot for a couple of nights before moving. It’s all about feeling safe in a new environment.
With these tips in hand, start saving our sleep and enjoy parenthood to the fullest. Tizzie’s Save Our Sleep book (US$16.14) can be purchased online at There are plenty of free reading materials and videos available online as well.
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