DJ Charlotte Began DJing at age 12 years

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Not many people are willing to walk the road less taken, but DJ Charlotte is one of the exceptional. At the age of twelve, where most of us are still sitting in front of the television watching Cartoon Network, DJ Charlotte has started to pursue her unconventional dream.

Perhaps many of us will think that DJing is no place for our daughter, but when a girl has a dream she needs support to make it a reality.  To understand more about the job scope of a DJ and to find out how a young girl can fit into the DJ world, BubbaMama is pleased to score an exclusive interview with DJ Charlotte who started Djing at the age of twelve.

DJ Charlotte will be among the lie up of local and international DJs leading us into an explosive New Year at Siloso Beach Party this 31 December.  When we asked DJ Charlotte what inspired her to become a DJ at such a tender age, she said, “I really enjoyed music from a young age and at age 12, I picked up DJing. At age 13, I got recognized and from there I was given so many opportunities such as gigs at Zirca, Supperclub, TAB and Chateaux.” With the support of her father, she perserveres her vocation in a male dominated industry to prove that females can be DJs and do it just as well as the males.

Lastly, she mentioned that her craziest and most memorable experience was the opening set she did for last year Siloso Beach Opening. “An hour into my set and the crowd were going crazy! Everyone was so excited and dancing that the crowd broke one of the platforms right in front of me,” she piped excitedly. Even though the situation is quite messy, she commented, “I honestly felt really happy that everyone was having a great time dancing to my performance.”

A dream takes sweat, determination and hard work to become reality, and DJ Charlotte has put in all that to become who she is today.

DJ Charlotte is part of the party line up for Siloso Beach Party, Sentosa this 31 December 2014.  Party as a new dawn rises and we witness this young lady, DJ Charlotte, spinning her magic. Get tickets HERE.

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