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The Cat Museum : Resident Kitty


When we heard the news that The Cat Museum, Muses & Mansion is set to open soon, we knew just the person who we could sent along to get a true impression on how this place will benefit both cat lovers and the kitties too.  We were delighted to send along our friend, cat lover and expert animal welfare adoption counsellor, Bea.

Bea received a friendly welcome to the pleasant little shophouse in Pervis St.  The lower floor is the MUSEUM itself where the walls are adorned with some very nice cat themed art which is for sale, the Cat Museum want to encourage more local artists to display their works so if you are, or if you know, a kitty artist then have them contact the Cat Museum direct. A collection of glass display cases show The Cat Museum, Muses & Mansion owner’s collection of kitty-cat figures and the museum walls tell of the history of cats in Singapore along with lots of good information on how to treat cats too.  Not only a learning area for any want to be cat owners but also a fabulous spot to pick up gifts for your cat lover friends.

The next floor up is the cat adoption area known as the MUSES level, where the emphasis is on adopting out adult cats which is great for the senior kitties looking for their fur-ever homes.  This adoption area is a special collaboration with Cat Welfare Society (CWS) which will select nine cats and assign volunteers to care for them on the premises.  Bea noted, during her visit to The Cat Museum’s Muses area, that “the cats available here are all well socialised, in beautiful condition and tolerant of other cats and people”. This adoption area is a cat’s paradise with lots of cat trees and toys so, not only do the cats benefit from this lovely living area but, visiting public and potential adopters can really see the cats interacting and get to see each cat’s personality.

The upper floor is every cat’s dream – the MANSION is packed with shelves, cat trees, bridges and beds for the resident cats to play and rest in. These cats belong to the company operating The Cat Museum and are in excellent condition and obviously well cared for. Visitors to this area can just hang out and socialise with the cats.

Finally, our kitty lover and expert Animal Welfare Counsellor gave us her personal overall impression – “Having volunteered for many years, I see the adoption area at The Cat Museum as a very, very nice way to view and select a cat to adopt in a calm and unhurried setting, I was impressed by this way of doing pet adoption”. The Cat Museum will appeal to all feline fanciers and provides a calm atmosphere to enjoy all things catty! It will appeal to adults and kids alike.

We would like to thank Bea for taking time out to visit The Cat Museum.

Lion City Kitty – The CAT MUSEUM, MUSES & MANSION will open its doors to the public on 9 January 2015 at Purvis Street, in the heart of the Civic District of Singapore.

Entrance fee: S$9 (free for kids aged 6 & below) Payment mode: Cash only

Art work is available to purchase and, in the future The Cat Museum, Muses & Mansion will make available items including t-shirts in the gift shop.

For more information, please visit and

For enquiries, please write to [email protected]. For donations, please write to [email protected].

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