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#ShopGreener at Takashimaya Department Store

ITE stage visual for takashimaya department store program

Takashimaya Department Store takes a bold step towards a more eco-conscious retail experience with the unveiling of new sustainability-focused programs and in-store activations from 1 April 2021 to 31 May 2021.

The sustainability program put forth by Takashimaya Department  Store not only aims to elevate the Japanese retail giant’s commitment to global sustainability but also to tap into the growing environmental awareness and consumer demand for more eco-conscious retail options. 

A bevy of exciting #ShopGreener consumer activations, eco-conscious brand offerings and an eco-food bazaar will empower consumers to live, eat, and shop more sustainably.  

The two-month sustainability-focused programs from Takashimaya Department Store brands

To kickstart the 2-month  long initiative, Takashimaya Department Store will unveil a collaboration with ITE  art students on  2 April, featuring a one-of-a-kind recycled art installation that will take place throughout the store.

Other highlights from Takashimaya Department Store and their eco-friendly brands include:

1. Moving Towards A Sustainable Future with Plastiko Campaign – 1 April to 31 May 2021

To encourage sustainability, Takashimaya Department Store unveils exciting activities and rewards in its Plastiko campaign across all its departments to encourage more sustainable living. 

2. Green Your Shopping Carts – 1 April to 31 May 2021 

bento box from one of the takashimaya department store brands

Add a touch of sustainability into your everyday life! From bags and accessories to household items, Takashimaya Department Store has an array of eco-friendly brands and products for you to shop from while doing good for Mother Earth.

Accessorize Sustainably

Elevating your outfits does not have to come at the cost of the environment. At Takashimaya Department Store, there are plenty of eco-friendly brands that offer bags, shoes, clothing, accessories, and watches to shop from.

Clean & Green Beauty

It’s time to make your skincare routine eco-friendly as well. Green your beauty routine and pamper your skin with these highly effective and efficacious clean beauty brands.

Eco-friendly Brands of Activewear & Apparels

Move towards a more sustainable future by sporting these stylish activewear from our favourite sporting labels like Adidas, Speedo and Seafolly.

Finding Little Ways to Love the Plant

diaper pack from ecofriendly brand Huggies NB

Empower your little ones to live sustainably by shopping for eco-friendly brands of children essentials. 

Make Ethical Living a Priority

Take your first steps toward living more sustainably with these eco-conscious homeware items. Whether you’re looking to reduce the use of single-use plastic or looking to only use items with materials that are responsibly sourced, Takashimaya Department Store offers a wide array of homeware items that makes sustainable living easy.

Dine with the Planet in Mind

If you’re craving a new menu, it’s high time to explore the amazing organic food selections Takashimaya Department Store has to offer.

3. Art with a Heart x ITE College Central – 2 April to 18 May 2021

Takashimaya teams up with ITE College Central’s students to launch a sustainable art project in the heart of Orchard Road. A total of 164 Nitec in Visual Communication students from ITE  College Central’s School of Design and Media showcased their creative talents and applied what they learnt in this meaningful endeavour. 

The Year 1 student created an art banner on Save the Wild, Plant a Garden, Save the Ocean,  Say Good-Bye to Plastic. They were taught to express their views on canvas and to create a  montage doodling on recycled banners to promote the “save the environment” message. 

The Year 2 students made alphabets using corrugated boxes to form words such as ‘Recycle’,  ‘Reuse’  and  ‘Reduce’.  They collected and put to good use discarded items and materials commonly found at home, canteens and campus’ recycle bins. 

4. Let’s Get Phygital! – 12 April to 25 April 2021

Takashimaya is getting Phygital this April!

From the second to the third week of April, shoppers get to shop at their favourite Takashimaya Department Store retailers digitally via shoppable links featured on the Takashimaya social media pages. 

Takashimaya will be featuring videos from the various Takashimaya Department Store brands in their social media postings with shoppable links that will take shoppers directly to the brand’s landing page on the Takashimaya Department Store website. 

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