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New on the KFC Menu: KFC Tango Spice, a Spice Experience You’ve Never Felt Before

Tango Spice Box

It’s fiery, it’s tangy and it’s crispy! Surprised that KFC Singapore once again dishes out something so bold on its menu? Maybe not. Is it a flavour out of your imagination? Cluck yes! This time, even your face will ‘dance’ involuntarily to how  Finger-Lickin’ Good it is!

Experience a whole new sensation with the newest addition to the KFC Menu, the KFC Tango Spice – fresh chicken marinated in spicy chimichurri then fried to golden perfection, sprinkled with paprika seasoning and a squeeze of tangy lime before serving.

As fried chicken experts and never shying away from bold flavours, KFC Singapore has launched many iconic KFC spicy chicken flavours inspired by the region, but this time with Tango  Spice, they went beyond for an even more exotic taste adventure in the KFC menu.

Chock-full of flavours, chimichurri is a sauce that originated from Argentina, it’s a  blend of freshly chopped greens mixed with chilli, onions and garlic. It’s balanced with tangy lime and addictive spiciness, KFC Tango Spice is an Argentina inspired dish that has flavours dancing in perfect harmony! Awake your senses with a totally unique flavour in the KFC new menu in Singapore — KFC Tango Spice will send fried chicken fans into a #TangoFrenzy!

And what’s #TangoFrenzy? It’s the many expressions you make on your face when the rush of spicy chilli, tangy lime and crispy chicken hits your mouth all at once, every bite is a sensation of MMMMMMM-SSSSSSS-AHHHHHHH. Brace your taste buds and your face, this new rendition of KFC spicy chicken is guaranteed a wild ride!

You may still be in Singapore, but through the KFC new menu, there’s a new and delicious way to experience a  taste of Argentina, the #KFCTangoSpice is available for Dine-in, Takeaway, and KFC  Delivery for a limited time from 5 April 2021.

The KFC New Menu: Experience the #TANGOFRENZY 

Enjoy the KFC Tango Spice as an à la carte option at $3.65. Believe when they say one is never enough for a sensation like Tango Spice, try any of KFC new menu meal bundles that start from $8.95 for dine-in and takeaway.

1 piece TangoSpice
1 piece TangoSpice

The Tango Spice 2 pcs Meal includes two pieces of Tango Spice, a regular serving of Whipped Potato, Coleslaw and Sjora Mango Peach for $8.95.

The Tango Spice 2 pcs Box includes two pieces of Tango Spice Chicken, two pieces of Hot & Crispy Tenders, one regular Whipped Potato, Fries and Sjora Mango Peach for $10.95.

The Tango Spice 5 pc Meal includes five pieces of Tango Spice Chicken, two regular  Whipped Potato, two regular Coleslaw and two regular Sjora Mango Peach for  $19.95. 

The Tango Spice Sharing Feast completes the new KFC menu as it includes 8 pieces of Tango Spice Chicken, 8 pieces of Hot & Crispy Tenders, 9 pieces of Chicken Nuggets and 3 medium Whipped Potato for $36.95. 

KFC Tango Spice is available at all KFC restaurants, except Singapore Polytechnic and  Singapore Zoo. Prices and meal bundles vary at selected restaurants and for KFC  Delivery.

More on the KFC New Menu: KFC Golden Durian Mochi

5 pieces Golden Durian Mochi
5 pieces Golden Durian Mochi

While you finish up on your KFC spicy chicken that is the fiery, tangy and crispy Tango Spice, end it on a sweet note with KFC Golden Durian Mochi! That’s right, Singapore! It’s officially durian season and  KFC is serving a finger lic-KING dessert on the KFC menu you never know you needed. A durian lover’s dream come true.

Available from 7 April 2021 and on the KFC menu for a very limited time, this fried chewy mochi is filled with molten durian lava of premium D24 – if that is not decadent, we don’t know what is. Bite into one of these golden mochi balls and experience sweet fragrant durian lava flowing into your mouth! Careful when it’s hot, it ain’t a joke when we say flowing premium D24 filling!

The new KFC Golden Durian Mochi will be going on the KFC new menu at only $3.45 for five pieces.

Available at all KFC Restaurants except Singapore Zoo, for Dine-in, Takeaway and KFC  Delivery. More details can be found online at www.kfc.com.sg

Aside from Chicken and Dessert on the KFC new menu: Finger Lickin’ Chic with KFC Limited Edition Face Masks

KFC Day Look Mask
KFC Day Look Mask

After you’ve had your fill from your food choices in the KFC new menu, get back in style, but not just any style… a Finger Lickin’ Good one with KFC  Singapore’s first-ever limited-edition face masks. YES, you can now eat your fried chicken and wear it too!

The two chic KFC themed face masks, available from 14 April 2021 in both white and black, will take you from day to night. With a limited quantity available, fans can purchase these wardrobe must-haves with any meal as an add-on at $1.95* for each mask. It’s while stocks last, so snap up both designs while you can!

Look finger lickin’ chic; show the world how you would rock a ‘day’ inspired look with the mask in white, and a ‘night’ inspired look with the mask in black, by snapping some pics and tag KFC on Instagram (@kfc_sg). Fried chicken has never been this fashionable! 

KFC Limited Edition Face Masks are available for purchase when Dine-in, Takeaway and or on KFC delivery. *Limited to two masks per transaction

More details on these and the KFC new menu can be found online at www.kfc.com.sg 

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