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Skechers Friendship Walk 2019 Singapore

skechers friendship walk 2019

More than 3000 people gathered at Marina Bay Sands Events Square, together with friends and family for Skechers Friendship Walk 2019 – 4 KM non-competitive walk. This year’s edition saw an increase of 50% in signups from last year’s inaugural walk which was held in Gardens by the Bay East.

This year’s Skechers Friendship Walk 2019 route ran through iconic landmarks and Singapore’s river scape –  the Merlion, Marina Bay Sands, Esplanade Theaters and Art Science Museum. It was a perfect opportunity to pose for Instagram-worthy selfies amidst the picturesque city skyline.

Skechers friendship walk 2019 singapore bus stop

Skechers Friendship Walk 2019 Theme

The theme for Skechers Friendship Walk 2019 was 1980s nostalgia in a perfect conclusion to the month of National Day. Many old-school activities and snacks that definitely brought back fond memories at the walk for participants.  Highlights at the event village included a Dragon Playground bouncy castle which was clearly a hit among the kids. Photo booths of a real-life trishaw and the iconic orange and white bus stop. As well as traditional games like Carrom Board and Paper Ball Tic-Tac-Toe.

In the spirit of the Skechers Friendship Walk, which is a celebration of kinship, team spirit and bonding, participants took part in the ‘Skechers Friendship Quest’. Including activities like a Three- Legged Walk and Bishi Bashi. Along the Skechers Friendship Walk route, there were also team obstacles that required cooperation and teamwork which many had great fun completing with their family and friends. Such as the Wheelbarrow Dash where participants dashed to the finish line with their buddy in the barrow, leading to lots of laughter and fun moments.

Association with APSN for Donation

Just like every rendition of the Skechers Friendship Walk around the globe, which has supported children and people with special needs. Skechers Singapore partnered the Association for Persons with Special Needs (APSN) to donate $1 with every registration received, which will be used in purchasing shoes for needy APSN Alumni. To allow for more engagement and participation among the community, APSN volunteers and beneficiaries also played a special role at the event. Taking a step to helpi to distribute water at the hydration point, as well as to give out finisher medals at the end of the Walk.

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Katherine Sng

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