Barbie Princess Power Dress Up Party at GV Grand

JOIN GOLDEN VILLAGE (GV GRAND) FOR A WORLD OF FUN WITH BARBIE IN PRINCESS POWER DRESS UP PARTY This March 2015 school holiday, your princesses and little heros will enjoy a special treat at GV Grand, Great World City.  With an exclusive screening of Barbie in Princess Power as well as fringe activities such as […]

Wreck-It Ralph with Your Bubba (or kid)

Mommies, do you feel like you need a break sometimes? Feel like a movie but noone to take care of your Bubba?  No worries, Golden Village is screening ‘Wreck-It Ralph’ tomorrow (28th May 2013) and you can bring your Bubba with you to enjoy the movie together.  To make it more convenient for you, there […]