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Wreck-It Ralph with Your Bubba (or kid)

Wreck-It Ralph
Wreck It Ralp
Wreck-It Ralph

Mommies, do you feel like you need a break sometimes? Feel like a movie but noone to take care of your Bubba?  No worries, Golden Village is screening ‘Wreck-It Ralph’ tomorrow (28th May 2013) and you can bring your Bubba with you to enjoy the movie together.  To make it more convenient for you, there are diaper tables in the cinema with diaper cream, wet wipes and baby lotion for easy diaper changes.

Tickets is $6 each and comes with a goodie bag (Gerber and Pigeon products).  Your child gets to watch for free if he/she is shorter than 90cm.  Hurry!  Go this Golden Village website www.gv.com.sg to book your tickets now!

Cinema: only at GV City Square & GV Grand
Date: 28th May 2013
Price: $6 per ticket 
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