A Passion for Fitness and a Lifetime of Love

SHARE IN A PASSION FOR FITNESS AND BUILD A STRONG RELATIONSHIP BOND You will recall Tawfiq and Naila, two fitness professionals as they encouraged us to share a fitness routine and partake in the Partner Workout Series FOLLOW THE WORKOUT HERE .  Bubba Mama caught up with this super fit, fun loving and very friendly couple who […]

Love Story and Fitness for Valentine’s Day

  A SHARED PASSION FOR FITNESS LEADS TO A BEAUTIFUL LOVE STORY Could exercise be the secret to a successful relationship?  Do couples who train together stay together? In our special Valentine’s feature, we meet a couple whose romance blossomed thanks to a shared interest in exercise and fitness. Tawfiq Chong and Naila Misran’s love […]

Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gifts

OOOPS, YOU FORGOT VALENTINE’S DAY! : DON’T WORRY, HERE’S SOME LAST MINUTE VALENTINE’S DAY GIFTS THAT YOUR LOVED ONE WILL LOVE We’ve all done it, whilst busy rushing around after Bubba and keep the house and home running smoothly…”Oops, it’s Valentine’s Day this weekend and I didn’t prepare a gift for my other half!” Don’t […]

Give the BRAND’S Gift of Health

THE BRAND’S GIFT OF HEALTH BECAUSE HEALTH IS THE BEST GIFT In Singapore we typically lead very busy lives and often find ourselves juggling to manage our careers, families, friends and, perhaps even fueling our ambitions.  It comes as no surprise, therefore that we inadvertently neglect our family and loved ones amid the hustles and […]

Creating An Ambience of Love

February is widely known as the month of love, thanks to Valentine’s Day on the 14th. It is always easy for the gentlemen to get a gift for the ladies – a bouquet of roses, a candlelight dinner, and the latest luxury handbag or jewellery. But what can us ladies give to the man in […]

Valentine’s Day : Date Nights and Gifts

VALENTINE’S DAY – ROMANTIC IDEAS FOR ‘LOVED-UP’ MOMENTS  We mamas know it’s not always easy to squeeze in ‘loved-up’ moments with your nearest and dearest.  Juggling these busy, hectic days (and nights) leaves mama exhausted and ‘turning-on’ the romance is often the furthest thought from the mind.  But, spending some ‘alone’ time, just you and […]