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Love Story and Fitness for Valentine’s Day





Could exercise be the secret to a successful relationship?  Do couples who train together stay together? In our special Valentine’s feature, we meet a couple whose romance blossomed thanks to a shared interest in exercise and fitness.

Tawfiq Chong and Naila Misran’s love story started just over five years ago. Naila was working as a group exercise instructor at Fitness First Paragon, teaching a variety of classes and enjoying specialising in dance, which is her passion. Two years later Tawfiq joined the team as a personal trainer. His specialisms included weight loss, muscle toning and building the core. He is passionate about helping others to achieve their fitness goals.

Although they worked at the same fitness club, they didn’t work closely together, and it wasn’t until they both attended the same training course that they finally got to know each other.

‘It was pure coincidence,’ Naila says. ‘We went for the same training course together so we had the opportunity to chat with each other. After that, our paths kept crossing as we lived in the same area and always went the same way back home together from Paragon. Eventually, we decided to just accompany each other on our trips home.’

Their romance grew from there. Naila says, ‘Romance with Tawfiq has been one that has been growing steadily since the beginning, with us going through thick and thin together.’

After five years together, the couple decided to marry in September 2014. ‘Our wedding was like a carnival!’ Naila says. ‘It was noisy, loud and everyone was happy. Most importantly, our wedding was filled with love from all our family, relatives and friends.’

The couple still work at Fitness First Paragon. Tawfiq is now a fitness team leader, and Naila a group exercise manager. They enjoy running together, especially from the club to the Botanic Gardens and back. They also train together doing functional exercises and weight training. Having a shared interest in exercise and being there to support and motivate each other is one of their secrets to a successful relationship. ‘Exercising with a partner makes you feel more motivated,’ says Tawfiq. ‘Throughout your fitness journey, there are always going to be bumps and up and downs. Having a partner to encourage you during your slumps and vice versa ensures that both of you stay focused on your fitness goals.’

For Naila, exercise and working out together is a great way to ‘enhance a couple’s connection with one another.’ She says that support and motivation can ‘strengthen the bond between them.’

Working out together has definitely worked for Naila and Tawfiq. But they also have their own sporting interests. While Naila has a passion for dance and loves high energy aerobic exercise, Tawfiq enjoys volleyball, soccer and high jump. When they are not working at Fitness First, or training together the couple enjoy going to the movies and to restaurants.

Both Tawfiq and Naila are excited for the future. They both have their individual career goals, but they also have one shared priority: starting a family. Tawfiq says, ‘We hope to keep on inspiring others to make fitness a lifestyle. And maybe have some children along the way!’

We wish them all the best in their careers and family life.

Read our full interview with Tawfiq and Naila here. (link to the interview coming soon!)

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Why not try working out with your partner? Not only is it good for strength and fitness, but it’s also fun. To help get you started Tawfiq Chong from Fitness First at Paragon has put together a workout focusing on core strength. Why not give it a try this Valentine’s Day? (Link to the workout coming soon!).

See how the experts do it by watching Tawfiq Chong and Naila Misran as they work out together.

Partner Workout YouTube

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