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Taxi Drivers Vote Their Preferred Stroller

The Great Stroller Challenge_3 strollers_photo credit Glenn Lim

The Great Stroller Challenge_photo credit Glenn Lim-36


Recently, The Great Stroller Challenge gave taxi drivers a chance to test drive three popular strollers and vote their preferred brand. The three popular Singaporean preferred models involved in the challenge included the Bugaboo Bee+, Baby Jogger City Mini and the Stokke Scoot.

In the hustle and bustle of Singapore at taxi stand D06 on Upper Cross Street, between 2pm – 4pm, a total 16 taxi drivers participated in The Great Stroller Challenge. After been shown how each stroller collapses each taxi driver collapsed each stroller and voted on the one he or she felt easiest to collapse. Strollers were simply labelled 1, 2 and 3 and the taxi driver was asked to vote based on their personal experience and preference for ease of use.

Baby Jogger was the stand out winner and voted the preferred stroller for taxi drivers in the challenge due to its simplicity to fold and being lightweight, making it easy to lift in and out of the boot of their car. You simply lift the stroller via the strap and it collapses.

The Great Stroller Challenge_photo credit Glenn Lim-29

There were some laughs along the way as at times a couple of the strollers proved difficult to collapse.

“We flew here from Australia for the challenge and it was great to meet a variety of taxi drivers who were happy to take part in the challenge. We had a fun day during The Great Stroller Challenge and discovering which stroller was the easiest to use from their point of view,” said Carrie Edwards-Britt, Singapore Director of The Amazing Baby Company (which distributes Baby Jogger in Singapore).

“The patented Quick-Fold Technology, which Baby Jogger is very well-known for, makes it easy for taxi drivers to dismantle the stroller in one quick and easy step so parents and taxi drivers no longer have to worry about the daily stroller struggle,” she said.

The Bugaboo Bee+ was the second favourite followed by the Stokke Scoot in the challenge.

It is a daily battle as parents juggle baby, shopping and dismantling of their stroller to get into a taxi. The dilemma every parent faces is – should you put your baby in the car and dismantle the stroller, give your baby to the unknown taxi driver or request he dismantles your stroller? The natural decision for all parents is to ask the taxi driver to dismantle your stroller as you look on and find them struggling to figure out how. Now taxi drivers have voted which stroller is their favourite and now life can be simple for both of you.

To find out more about the Taxi Drivers’ vote – Baby Jogger, click HERE

CREDIT : photo credit to Glenn Lim

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