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The Superlife Affair


The Superlife Affair event at Hotel Jen, an excellent congregation of local start-up booths, was super fascinating on so many levels and a great eye opener! The booths featured the healthiest, most natural and well-made products. We were all going – how is it possible that we haven’t already found this yet? It was fun, enriching and we are excited to share with you these amazing local finds!


Mummies, this is one to watch! All good things features niche product brands that serve to make consumers’ well being a priority. They emphasise the importance of bringing in natural foods by selecting only the best! We tried some of their cooking sauces and were in awe-so flavourful that we can now whip up healthy and tasty dishes for our families now! Our favourites? Their Coriander Ginger Cooking Sauce and ORO DEL DESIERTO COUPAGE (olive oil with a fruitty taste)! There would also be new products specially for bubbas coming up on the site soon!  www.allgoodthings.market



Coffee – our day to day sanity drink. Hook Coffee source the finest, sustainably grown and ethically produced beans from farms in the developing world, roast them in Singapore and send them out to you within a week of roasting- straight to your mailbox! As if this isn’t already a perfect idea, you get to customise your delivery frequency and there’s no need to worry about coffee running out mid-week! And yes – we vouch for the rich aroma and great taste of the coffee – it got us immediately hooked!  www.hookcoffee.com.sg


This superfood e-business was started by three amazing women who shared the firm belief that knowing where our food comes from and how it is processed plays an important role in our state of wellbeing. They generously shared with us the secrets of Superfoods and ways to incorporate it in our daily lives in the most delicious and convenient ways possible. We learnt so much about the benefits of superfoods and tried some of them.They had superfoods added into our favourite pastries- cookies, muffins and many more others! Yummy! Their site also includes Super Recipes for us ladies and even our Bubbas!  superlife.co


Gone are the days of guilty pleasures – we have found some lovely gems – Earthbars! A delicious snack made from the goodness of oats, chia seeds, flax seeds, fruits and nuts, they make for a great breakfast, quick lunch snack or a savoury evening treat! There are so many flavours available, from the savoury Gunpowder earthbar, to the Apple Pie earthbar, to the best selling Almond Cranberry Chia bar! Allergic to nuts? Not to worry, they have nut-free earthbars as well! Get your nutrition on the go!

What better way to get into zen-mode in your homes than to burn some delicate, soothing candles? We loved the scents of all their candles simply because the scents were so natural, authentic and calming! Then we found out the reasons why! Not only does Hush Candle scent their candles with only natural essential oils, each scent possesses different aromatherapy effects! These 100% organic hand-poured soy candles are affordable and so gingerly made, we were so impressed! They can be used as moisturisers, massage oils and these aesthetically pleasing candles are certainly perfect for gifts!  etsy.com/shop/hushcandle


Do you know that vanilla is commonly used to flavour mass-produced chocolates to enhance inferior cacao? Wild Nibs, a bean-to-bar chocolate maker, seeks to present the flavours of cacao beans in their purest form by sourcing the finest cacao beans that have been carefully cultivated and handcrafting them in small batches. Their passion was striking and well exemplified in their products which we tried. The taste of their chocolates was definitely more nuanced and finer than your average chocobar!


Juicing is probably one of the best things  we can do for our bodies-all these vitamins are great for ladies and our favourite bubbas too! A Juicery is our ultimate juice shop- it incorporates our familiar tropical harvests into bottles of liquid nutritional boosters! All produce goes through the process raw and unaltered to ensure that one sip of their cold-pressed juices will put all zombie juices on supermarket shelves to shame!  www.ajuicery.com

Keeping fit has never been easier now that we have the Fitness Grocer to keep us in check! Featuring a range of fitness-focused and nutritionally balanced food, we can literally grab any product of theirs
(yes, including pastas!) and not bother about losing our shapes  – in fact, everything helps us to stay in shape while we’re working out to achieve our best figures!  www.thefitnessgrocer.com

Fancy some yummy, guilt-free office snacks? Boxgreen offers something for everyone that is sure to please their tastebuds! And there are so many kinds of snacks to choose from – a variety of granola, chips and pretzels, and nuts, seeds and mixes! These healthy treats can be thoughtfully packed into small packs so that we can control the number of servings we are consuming! We get to tailor our very own snack box and for every box sold, we donate a meal through Willing Hearts to help the underprivilleged people in Singapore, how great is that!  www.boxgreen.co


Before this we have never heard of inspired teas – where tea serves as a palette upon which different worlds – from coffee to wine- collide! (seriously, who would ever have thought of this?) We need to check these out- the Riesling Tea, Sauvignon Tea and Scotch Tea!  amuseprojects.com/pages/brew

Good news for fans of Japanese cuisine- now, we get to prepare our favourite dishes on our own with restaurant quality ingredients shipped directly from Japan to your doorstep- and at affordable prices too! Macha lovers, be sure to grab their Macha Jam! (it is definitely the real deal). Check out their great recipes on the site too!  www.zairyo.sg

We were blown away by the courage of Rebecca Eu who started this social enterprise to provide education and achieve a sustainable model of employment that allows victims of human trafficking in Philippines to earn an independent livelihood. By engaging these girls in making pretty apparels such as silk camisoles and accessories, they offer opportunities for these girls to develop their skills. Most importantly, these pretty pieces of apparels are intricately designed and the material is so comfortable!

Singapore’s pioneer eco fashion brand, Etrican, design affordable clothing for ladies and Bubbas that are made of 100% certified organic cotton! Organic cotton is not only comfortable, but also gentle on the skin for our little ones!  www.etrican.com

Dottyprints, a one-man printmaking studio, featured the art of henna painting at its booth during the event. The most special bit of it was that the henna painting was all-natural plant based, and contained essential oils that were good for the skin! We got ourselves unique and nice henna paintings on our hands!  www.instagram.com/dottyprints/

By the end of the event we were truly amazed with the passionate hearts and dedication of our local enterprises- delivering products of such superb quality and often, for a good cause too! We are definitely checking them out more, and you should too!

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