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Writing Tips – The Write Workshop



Give your child the technology to improve writing ability
Every parent would be concerned about their child’s PSLE exams and would prep them ahead of time. Writing is like going the gym, your child gets better with more practice. As a parent, you will try your best to give them the technology (methods) to excel in PSLE English Composition writing and a good communication skill for their future years ahead.

We attended a writing workshop by Marshall Cavendish Education recently – The Write Workshop – to empower ourselves the know how to improve our bubbas writing skills. The Write Workshop is for parents with children in Primary 3 to Primary 6 (9 – 12 years old) to improve their composition writing skills before the real test – PSLE English composition exam.


  • PSLE composition format.
  • Content planning.
  • Language – stylistic devices and vocabulary starter kit for expressions.
  • Marking rubics.
  • Starting a writing program at home.


  • Keep a notebook of useful words and expressions. Maintain a starter kit of vocabulary for expressions.
  • Keep a file of the compositions written from the home writing program to keep track of progress.
  • Encourage your child to write on his or her own stories.
  • Do not get your child to write in exchange for reward. Writing then becomes a means to an end.
  • Look for ‘breakthrough’ essay. The tipping point.

Marshall Cavendish Education is established education publisher in Singaporean textbook and assessment books publishing offering comprehensive materials for different learning needs. There are many other Marshall Cavendish  Education workshops for different subjects to empower us the know-how to teach our bubbas. For more information on other Marshall Cavendish Education workshops, please visit www.mceducation.sg or visit Facebook page at www.facebook.com/mceducation.


Venue: Times Centre, 1 Industrial Road, Singapore 536196.

Cost fees: S$80.

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