ELLE Baby and ELLE kids products

ELLE Baby and ELLE kids: The Gentlest Products for Your Child’s Sensitive Skin

For parents, particularly those with newborns, it can be quite concerning to find your baby with skin rash or even seeing that your baby’s skin is dry. With a whole lot of factors — from temperature changes, sweating, detergents, clothing and diapers, to name a few  — that can bring stress to a baby’s sensitive […]

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W EYExperience: Giving You Insight Into How Your Eyes Are Doing

Glasses. A common sight on most Singaporeans eyes. Not a surprise, given that 65 percent of Primary 6 children and 28% of children in Primary 1 have myopia, according to the Health Promotion Board. Perhaps that is why optical shops are aplenty here on our sunny island. So which one should you go to if you […]

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Better Air Quality As You Travel With 3M Vehicle Air Purifier Plus

Let your little ones breathe in clean air while on the go in your car with 3M Vehicle Air Purifier Plus When it comes to air purifiers, they are at the top of every parent’s minds when the dreaded haze occurs, usually during the second half of the year. Everyone’s usually scrambling to get these […]

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