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ELLE Baby and ELLE kids: The Gentlest Products for Your Child’s Sensitive Skin

For Bubba Kid's Health and Skincare

For parents, particularly those with newborns, it can be quite concerning to find your baby with skin rash or even seeing that your baby’s skin is dry. With a whole lot of factors — from temperature changes, sweating, detergents, clothing and diapers, to name a few  — that can bring stress to a baby’s sensitive skin, it’s important to be discerning when it comes to products you use on their skin.

Newborn and young skin are easily irritated and have a reduced tolerance to personal care products and environmental triggers. It is therefore important that you choose natural and chemical-free products for them.

How to keep baby’s skin healthy

With ELLE Baby and ELLE kids, parents now have two product ranges with the gentlest products formulated for a child’s sensitive skin. Australian designed and French-inspired, the ELLE Baby range is a collection of products that are not only gentle and non-toxic but also, specially formulated to hydrate, nourish and protect your baby’s sensitive and delicate hair, scalp and skin.

For older children, ELLE kids provides a  fun collection of products that contains the highest quality ingredients that are safe and gentle to help you clean, moisturise and nourish them from head to toe.

“We are seeing consumers becoming more aware of what ingredients they are putting on their skin and it is a natural extension that mothers are doing the same for their babies and kids. Given the growing demand and willingness to spend on personal care products for their children, we feel Singapore is the perfect market to introduce our ELLE Baby and kids ranges,” said The Giving Brands Company (GBCo) CEO Christine Parkes. “Our products are safe to use and cater to both babies and children’s sensitive skin while keeping them clean and fresh.”

Thankfully, parents like you no longer have to worry that your baby’s skin is dry or that you will ever find your baby with skin rash — with these gentle formulations from ELLE Baby and ELLE kids, you already know how to keep baby’s skin healthy and well-nourished.

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