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Great Skin Starts at Birth

Pigeon-All Bottles Final-HR

Pigeon-All Bottles Final-HR


A newborn’s skin is different from older children and adults, both in skin structure and function.  There are two main natural substances that help protect babies’ sensitive skin – Vernix and Ceramide – unknown to most mums, our bubba is equipped with them even before they are born and are of equal importance, giving babies a head-start to great skin.

Vernix is a layer of white creamy substance covering an unborn baby.  It provides a water-proof layer to the skin in the unborn baby and helps the maturation of skin. At birth, Vernix acts as a lubricant and protects from bacteria outside the womb. It is also advisable not to clean a newborn baby’s skin completely for 3 days after birth so that the Vernix will remain on the skin.

Ceramide is also found on newborn babies’ skin at birth and this important layer acts more as a barrier to help skin remain moist and supple.

PIGEON Newborn Pure Skincare Series containing the Natulayer™

Inspired by Mother Nature, PIGEON launched a unique trademark formula, Natulayer™.  The Natulayer™ formula mimics how Vernix and Ceramide works to provide a dual moisturizing layer of protection and comfort for a newborn’s delicate skin from birth.  Who better to trust than PIGEON, who is backed by over 40 years of experience and an extensive research and development team of world class scientists who continually strive to create the latest innovations.  It is not just a household name among mums for baby products, it is also a trusted brand mums go to.

PIGEON Newborn Pure Skincare Series containing the Natulayer™ formula is made in Japan, using only the highest quality standards for baby skincare products, a name mothers can trust.  The series is suitable for newborn (0-3 months) to keep a baby’s skin moisturized locking in the moisture in their skin, regardless of their age.  The PIGEON Natulayer™ formula is also scientifically proven to help to maintain the skin’s fatty protective layer by ensuring balanced pH levels. Containing no Parabens, Alcohol or Formaldehyde, and has a natural fragrance, PIGEON’s first premium skincare range is also dermatologically tested for safe use on all skin types.  The range includes natural extracts from Olive Oil and Rice Oil.

PIGEON Newborn Pure – Purifying Bosy Wash ($23.90, 200ml), specially formulated to gently cleanse and purify a baby’s delicate skin without causing irritation.
PIGEON Newborn Pure – Nourishing Shampoo ($23.90, 200ml), recommended to use minimal amount to provide better conditioning properties to a baby’s hair and sensitive scalp. The perfect choice for its higher conditioning leave-in properties and a more effective cleanse while retaining moisture to help maintain a healthy pH level for babies’ sensitive scalp. We love the formula for its no-tangle, no-tear experience.
PIGEON Newborn Pure – The Moisturizing Lotion ($25.90, 200ml) is designed to provide instant hydration to a baby’s skin. Contains Natulayer™ formula inspired by nature’s own moisturizing barrier found on the baby’s skin in the mother’s womb, offers dual layer of moisturization and protection that is vital to a newborn baby’s skin. The moisturizing lotion’s light texture allows easy quick absorption and should also be applied on the body and can be used throughout the day.
PIGEON Newborn Pure – Protective Cream ($14.90, 50ml) On the other hand, the is designed to provide a coat of protection with targeted moisture correction to neglected areas prone to dryness and sensitivity. This includes areas such as the periphery of the lips (e.g milk rash), elbows, knees, fingers, toes, buttocks and other delicate areas. Used as a first line of defence for baby’s delicate bottoms; i.e. protecting skin so as to avoid diaper rash. It is important to change baby’s diapers regularly to ensure that their skin is well protected and nourished. Applying the Protective Cream each time after diaper change will lessen the chance of developing diaper rash.
PIGEON Newborn Pure – Calming Oil ($25.90, 100ml) contains a uniquely crafted formula which helps soothes and calms skin to provide babies with a calming sensory experience. Containing salient emollient properties – Olive Oil from the Olive Fruit contains anti-inflammatory ingredients, while Fruit Oil and Germ Oil, extracted respectively from Olive Fruit and Rice (Wheat) –  it is ideal for baby massages. The unique squeeze nozzle also helps prevent spillage and wastage. 

For more information on the PIGEON Newborn Pure Skincare Series, visit www.newbornpure.com.sg.

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