christmas log cake

Recipie to Christmas Chocolate Log Cake by Prima Flour

One can never truly feel the Christmas spirit when Christmas presents, Christmas Turkey, Eggnott and a Christmas Log Cake is missing at a Christmas Dinner Party. A good Christmas log cake makes Christmas more enjoyable and more memorable too! We made a Christmas Log Cake at Allspice using Prima Flour and it was very delicious […]

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Healthy Rainbow Baguette Recipe

Rainbow Baguette The Healthy Rainbow Baguette is made with Salmon which contains vital nutrients like omega 3 fatty acid, proteins for muscle maintenance. Vitamin D (helps with calcium absorption for strong bones). The variety of colours from the vegetables provide protection from free radical damage to healthy cells. Number of servings: 2 persons INGREDIENTS 1 […]

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Confinement Edition: Chicken Wine Soup Recipe

Confinement Edition: Chicken Wine Soup Recipe Confinement soups are tasty, nutritious, and can be easy to make. Mothers who have recently given birth are recommended a high intake of soups, broths, and tonics for a faster recuperation. To follow up on the Papaya and Fish Soup recipe shared previously, we will be sharing with you […]

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Confinement Edition: Papaya and Fish Soup Recipe

Confinement Edition: Papaya and Fish Soup Recipe After 9 months of pregnancy and welcoming a newborn into the world, a good confinement diet is essential to the route of full recovery and getting back in shape. We are kicking off a special edition of confinement recipes for expectant mothers, new mothers, and loved ones who […]

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