Recipe: Step by Step Homemade Kimchi

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We love anything that is fermented! Simply because every fermented food has different strains of probiotics and enzymes. Having a variety of them can help to have better gut health!

Why eat fermented food

  • Enzymes – increase enzyme content helps us to absorb nutrients, reducing the need for vitamins and supplements.
  • Probiotics – good bacteria helps restore the balance in the gut and aid digestion and immune health. 
  • Lactic acid – created during the fermentation process kills E.coli, making it safer to consume  than raw vegetables. It also stores food longer than the canning process without depleting the nutrients.
  • Nutrition – the fermentation process increases the nutritional value by enriching certain nutrients. 

Kimchi is another form of fermented food and the Koreans have been eating that for generations and their recipes have been passed down too! 

This simple recipe ferments kimchi in 3 days using yogurt starter. The traditional kimchi would take about 5 days without using the starter.

4 servings | 25 minutes to prepare | 3 days to ferment


  • 1 kg Chinese cabbage (wombok), cut into halves lengthways, then cut into thirds
  • 500g 
  • 2500 g filtered water
  • 150 g sea salt

For marination

  • 100 g garlic finely minced 
  • 40 spring onions minced 
  • 35 g fresh ginger grated
  • 30 g carrot julienned
  • 125 g kombu soya sauce or fish sauce
  • 48 g ground cayenne pepper
  • 1 packet yogurt starter or 1 cup kombucha 
  • 45 g sugar


  1. Place cabbage and 500 g of the water into it. Set aside.
  2. Mix remaining 2000 g water and salt until salt dissolves. Pour salt solution into container with cabbage and water. Ensure cabbage is fully submerged in brine (see Tips), cover with lid and set aside for 24 hours.
  3. After 24 hours, drain cabbage thoroughly and transfer into a large bowl.
  4. Place garlic, spring onions, ginger, carrot, kombu sauce, cayenne, sugar and yogurt starter to mix well into paste.
  5. Apply onto cabbage leaf evenly.
  6. Keep at room temperature for 3 days.Kimchi will be ready after 3 days or you can continue to ferment for up to an additional 2 days, depending on your taste preference (a longer ferment generally yields a stronger flavour). Store kimchi in refrigerator and serve as desired.

Hints & Tips

  • It is important to brine the cabbage to tenderise it as well as inhibit the growth of bacteria. Weigh cabbage down with plates or other types of weights to ensure it is fully submerged.
  • When filling jar, ensure cabbage is fully covered by liquid and place jar into a bowl as liquid may overflow during fermentation.
  • Kimchi will continue to ferment, but at a much slower rate whilst in the refrigerator, once opened.

Consumption & Storage

  • Consume kimchi within 6 weeks.
  • Store kimchi in an airtight glass container.

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