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Top Things To Eat And See In Bandung

white_crater Kawah Putih

As the fourth largest city in Indonesia, Bandung is known for its cool temperature all year round, Dutch colonial architecture and volcanic mountains surrounding it.

A great place to visit any time of the year, the capital of the West Java Province offers you spectacular picturesque sceneries and many interesting attractions worth visiting for the whole family.


Dusun Bambu, Bandung
Dusun Bambu
Embracing the concept of nature and knowledge, Dusun Bambu is a family-friendly leisure park that provides recreation and education for both young and old.

Bandung Dusun Bumbu playground
Bamboo Playground
Situated just a few steps from the main entrance, we were greeted by the sight of a huge bamboo playground. Since learning and playing are inseparable, these two elements are incorporated into the bamboo playground to allow children to have fun and learn about the wonders of nature at the same time. This is where creativity takes flight…

Dusun Bumbu Lake
Dusun Bumbu Lake
Another attraction that grabbed my attention is the lake lined with traditional Sundanese lesehan-style houses. One of the best ways to immerse yourself in this spectacular view is to grab a canoe and paddle out into the calm water. Floating in the middle of the lake against the backdrop of the Burangrang foothills while breathing in fresh mountain air is definitely an experience of a lifetime!

Dusun Bumbu Flower Garden.
Arimbi Flower Garden

Dusun Bumbu Flower Garden
Arimbi Flower Garden
Along the way, we came across a flower garden at the foot of the mountain housing different types of flowers. It is an eye-opener! Swept away by the beauty of the flora and fauna, we were charmed into taking the long footpath up the slope to explore the garden and learn more about each flower species.

dusun bumbu field
Paddy Field
Being a city-dweller, I was really awed by the many plantations in Bandung. To experience the life of farmers, the paddy field in Dusun Bumbu provides us the opportunity to learn more about agricultural production, which we usually won’t get to see in a city setting. This is really good exposure for anyone who wants to experience a slice of country living.

white_crater Kawah Putih
White Crater (Kawah Putih)
It took us around 2 hours from Bandung city to get to White Crater (Kawah Putih), which is located near Ciwedey town. Even though it is quite a long ride, the journey up this active volcano is made interesting with a magnificent rolling landscape of tea plantations, forests and mountains.

True to its name, the crater is surrounded by a pale white mist which emits a mythical ambience. The milky turquoise water that filled the dormant crater appears to change colours according to the amount of light it gets. Honestly, no words can describe its splendid beauty accurately.

Since Kawah Putih is located at a high altitude, its temperature can get as low as 15 degree Celcius! Remember to bring a sweater to keep warm if you are going.

Even though it is a famous tourist destination, the sulphur present at Kawah Putih doesn’t allow us to stay long as the smell can be overpowering and some may feel nauseous. Usually you will be advised to stay up to 15 minutes for photo-taking before leaving.

Overall, it is a good experience for everybody as you get to learn about the natural wonders of nature.

Farm House Susu Lembang
Farm House Susu Lembang
Opened last year, Farm House Susu Lembang is crowded with local students. Interestingly, the place is modeled over the European architecture with buildings seen in classic films

farm sheep
If you fancy some close-up interaction with farm animals, Farm House Susu Lembang provides you this opportunity to interact and feed the animals such as sheep and rabbit. There is no doubt the kids will love it!

Floating Market Lembang
Floating Market Lembang
Floating Market Lembang is a wonderful place where the heartbeat of the local livelihood takes place. The authenticity of this market is not to be questioned as for the first time, we felt the cultural richness of the Javanese lifestyle. Unlike the one in Bangkok, Floating Market Lembang has stationary boat stalls floating at the edge of the lake selling all kinds of local Sundanese favourites.

Floating Market Lembang
Floating Market Lembang
It is well suited for family as there are many activities for children such as mini train and boat ride. Additionally, children can also feed animals such as birds, fishes and geese at this market.

Floating Market Lembang geese
Floating Market Lembang geese
Instead of using cash to buy food, visitors are required to exchange the local currency for special coins before enjoying the facilities and food.


Surprisingly, Bandung is also home to many textile mills, manufacturing most of Indonesia’s fashion wear and linen. Unknown to many people, some luxurious sports brands also outsourced their production to Bandung, thus giving it the name Fashion City.

Rumah Mode Shopping
Rumah Mode
One of the largest shopping outlets in Bandung, Rumah Mode carries many brands such as H&M, Zara and Forever 21. There is also an extensive collection of kids’ items ranging from clothing to toys.

Rumah Mode
Rumah Mode playground
Afraid your children may get bored while you are digging for deals? No worries, as there is a children’s playground for your kids to while their time away at Rumah Mode. Very thoughtful isn’t it?

Heritage House
Heritage House
As compared to Rumah Mode, Heritage House carries lesser brands but wider selection. The quality of the clothing may not be as great as those sold at the former. However, if you are interested in traditional Batik, there is a whole section selling it at very affordable prices!


If you prefer to do some high end shopping, Paris Van Java (PVJ) is a must-go destination. The huge mall houses mostly international brands such as Esprit and Mango to cater to tourists. Since the mall looks similar to the malls in Singapore, we didn’t really explore. It’s a good place to check out if we had more time to spend in Bandung.


Unknown to many, Bandung is actually a food paradise with many hipster cafes and mouth-watering street delicacies.

Lawangwangi Creative Space
Lawangwangi Creative Space
The idea of marrying art and food can never go wrong. Lawangwangi Creative Space interweaves contemporary art into its café interior. This concept is unique as it shows how art influences our everyday life.  The highlight of Lawangwangi Creative Space is the fabulous view from the second floor.  A must visit place for art lovers, this place also offers art workshops for adults and children.

Kampung Daun Traditional Houses
Kampung Daun Traditional Houses
Kampung Daun is a traditional restaurant that combines café and gallery culture  to showcase the history and lifestyle of the Sundanese. It feels like stepping into a real village as it is surrounded by nature and natural waterfall.  Be prepared to dine like a local when you are here, as you won’t get to sit on chairs. Soft cushions will be provided for sitting on the ground for an authentic traditional dining experience.

street food: Kerak Telor
street food: Kerak Telor
Usually eaten as snacks, this Betawi delicacy, Kerak Telor, is made from glutinous rice and eggs, topped with dried shrimps and fried shallots.

street food: Serabi
street food: Serabi
Serabi is a type of pancake made from rice flour and coconut milk. According to our guide, Serabi was not a popular dish in the past due to its blandness. It only became a favourite among the youngsters when creative vendors started adding it with flavoured toppings such as cheese and chocolate.

street food: Baso Goreng
street food: Baso Tahu Goreng
This is one of the most popular street snacks in Bandung comprising tofu, potatoes, eggs and fish cakes mixed together, rojak-style! The peanut sauce is absolutely yummy!

Please click HERE to visit Wonderful Indonesia website.

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