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Wrap Model


Last week we tried and tested the Classic treatment Universal Contour Wrap (UCW) at Pheonix La Beaute, Palais Renaissance.  Knowing, only, that this treatment involved Dead Sea Clay and wraps, we were interested to find out more.  Check out the infographic below for a extra info.

After the usual weighing, BMI calculation and general medical history checks, we were ready to go and experience the UCW.

Mpulse Sauna

Skin Preparation

One must shower before the treatment can begin – this is because the skin has to be clean, clean, clean with zero trace of lotion or deodorants as these can affect the effects of the UCW.  After the shower we can relax in the sauna – no ordinary sauna – the Sunlight mPulse Sauna uses infrared which readies the body for UCW treatment by increasing blood circulation and triggering deep perspiration, opening the pores to achieve the best results.


It’s a Wrap

Following our 20 minutes of relaxation in the sauna, we are ready for the wrap to begin.  Our therapist puts on a layer of clay on those ‘problem’ or ‘stubborn’ areas (for me – my thighs, hips and tummy).  The wrap or bandages are soaking in a sterile unit filled with clay and water.  Our therapist applies the wrap layers – not too tight but just tight enough for us to feel a little pressure to achieve the best results possible.  It takes some time to apply the wrap but the therapist is professional and works to ensure we simply love the results!

Relax while the Toxins (and inches) Drain Away

Once the wrap process is complete, we wear what can only be described as a space suit.  This silver space suit keeps in the heat of our body and helps to keep the clay and wrap at the optimum temperature for great results.

It’s time to relax and we enjoy a 50 minute ‘snooze’ while the UCW does its work.

Perhaps I was in need of a relaxation moment to myself but, I truly enjoyed this experience.  I did not feel chilled or uncomfortable and rested well while the inches were drained away and the toxins sucked out by the wrap.

…and the Results are in

After 50 minutes, the wrap has drained the toxins from our body and the therapist will remove the wraps and wipe off any excess clay – no need to take a shower here as the clay has thoroughly cleansed our body.  In fact, we were amazed at just how smooth our skin felt.

So, to the all important measurements and results ‘ceremony’!  Being a little sceptical about this whole inch loss treatment, we were absolutely delighted to learn we had lost a total of 8.1 inches from our body overall.  Feeling lighter, buttoning our skirt a little easier and looking froward to slipping (a little more comfortably) into our skinny jeans, we left feeling simply wonderful.

Universal Contour Wrap for the New Mama

*UCW can be performed as soon as 6 month after giving birth (12 weeks after C Section).

Universal Contour Wrap : the Kick-Start Body Detox

UCW is not a weight loss treatment but it is a fantastic way to kick-start your regime and lose a good few inches before a special occasion.  For us, we got the kick-start needed and are now heading (from an overweight 63kg) to our target weight of 57kg – we are already at 60kg with a firm and more toned look thanks to the kick-start detox of the UCW.

Universal Contour Wrap

UCW can only be performed in salons and spa’s by a qualified UCW therapist.

For more information, visit the website HERE and check out the current promotions.

We experienced this UCW at Phoenix La Beaute is at Palais Renaissance, #03-01, Singapore 238871

*Those experiencing the UCW classic treatment for the first time are guaranteed to sustain at least a 6 inch loss for a minimum of 30 days.

This service was offered to BubbaMama for the purpose of a review.  The comments are our personal thoughts on the Universal Contour Wrap


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