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RAWRing and Walking with Dinosaurs – The LIVE Experience in Singapore!

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If you or your bubba are fans of dinosaurs, Walking with Dinosaurs The LIVE Experience Singapore is the show you have to watch! Captivating 9 million people and seen around the world in 250 cities, Walking with Dinosaurs is based on the award-winning BBC Television series.

Great for everyone in the family from ages 3 to 93 years

You will be amazed and thrilled as the greatest pre-historic creatures ever to walk the earth return before your eyes. You will see interactions between dinosaurs, learn how carnivorous dinosaurs like the T-Rex and Velociraptor evolved to walk on two legs. You will also get to witness how herbivores like the Ankylosaurus and Brachiosaurus fended off their more agile predators back in the pre-historic times.

18 life-sized Dinosaurs roam in Singapore Indoor Stadium!

Embark on the Walking with Dinosaurs journey with the 18 life-sized dinosaurs as they take over the Singapore Indoor Stadium for a limited season. Walking with Dinosaurs is a must-see live arena experience for audiences of all ages (from ages 3 to 93 yers)! The dazzling $20 million production features state-of-the-art technology, making this the biggest and best dinosaur show in the world. Book your tickets now before they become extinct!

Details for Walking With Dinosaurs The Live Experience Singapore

For more information or purchase tickets, please click HERE to purchase tickets!

Tickets: $78-$148 (excludes booking fee of $4 per ticket)

Date: Thursday 29 August 2019 – Thursday 5 September 2019

Timings: Tuesday-Friday: 7pm | Saturday – Sunday: 10:30am, 2:30pm and 6:30pm (show lasts for one hour and 40 minutes)
Venue: Singapore Indoor Stadium, 2 Stadium Walk, Singapore 397691

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