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Steigen Review: The Best Indoor Laundry System in Singapore


Steigen Review – We use the Steigen Indoor Laundry System! Steigen Indoor Laundry System is great as it can dry laundry in less than 3 hours without using a great deal of electricity, which is more environmentally friendly. In another case, if you forget about the laundry (leaving it in the dryer when it is still semi-dry), it will not result in an unpleasant mildew stench.

Maximizing Space for our Laundry!

As a mother, you’ll go through many loads of laundry on a bi-weekly basis – if not a daily basis. My bubba goes through 3 to 4 changes of outfits daily! Imagine mothers with more than 1 child. It could be a daily affair when it comes to laundry! It can be a huge portion of our water and electricity bills if we are not careful! Hence we don’t use the dryer at home as it saps a lot of electricity just to dry 1 load.

Singapore Weather

Drying our laundry is literally at the mercy of our Singapore weather! Singapore weather can sometimes be really unpredictable. Sudden showers can occur, and we have to make sure that it is sunny when we put our laundry and also when we are at home in case of sudden rain. So when we talk about Steigen review, for working moms like us, we can leave our laundry on Steigen and not have to rush home from work if it rains! And our laundry WON’T SMELL LIKE IT WAS DRIED INDOORS!

Why we NEED Steigen?

The list benefits of having Steigen Automated Laundry System is endless and we could go on forever!

As mothers who do our own laundry without a domestic helper and living in a small flat, these are our main concerns:

1- Space Constraints

Most of our apartments are constrained with space. As we learn how to pack smarter and consider better storage systems, the Steigen Automated Laundry System is the perfect complement to our ideal smart home and living.

Also, who doesn’t love a sleek-looking, modern household application? The Steigen Automated Laundry System is controlled by app and radio frequency remote control.

The solar and fan function hosts a 3-hour timer. Thereafter, your clothes are ready to be ironed.

What’s more?

You can customise settings for different family members when they do their laundry! The lowest height from the ceiling is at 1.35m, perfect for the elderly to reduce shoulder strain when doing laundry.

2- Long Drying Periods

We tend to struggle to find the right time of the day to do our laundry. Once past the golden hour of maximum sunlight, our clothes turn damp and musty.

The Steigen Automated Laundry System promises a fast-drying experience. Basically, it runs on solar heating technology that mimics sun rays as well as ionizer that kills bacteria and germs to prevent smell.

The ioniser is the secret weapon. Once activated when the solar is turned on, the system purifies the surroundings and prevent odour.

3. Low Cost Electricity

Keeping our electricity as low and aiming to be environment friendly by saving energy, the Steigen Indoor Automated laundry System need only 3 hours to dry the laundry completely. The cost of drying laundry each time is $0.48 comparing to a dryer which is 1 hour at about $1, you can do the calculations and decide for yourself! If you are eco-friendly and is keeping electricity bill low, the Steigen System is the one for you!

How to Get yours?

If you are convinced and have made up your mind, all you need to do is:

1- Arrange a consultation appointment via the website.

2- Decide on a model of your choice on their website.

3- Schedule an installation. The installation usually takes less than 2 hours.

4- Do your laundry and enjoy the convenience!

The whole installation process is clean and fuss-free as they use a dustless drill.

FlexiWhite ($799.00)
Solar MiniWhite ($899.00)
SolarWhite, Grey, Gold, Rose Gold and Pink ($999.00)
Solar UltraSpace Grey ($1199.00)

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Contact Details8877 0005 (Whatsapp Available) | Email: [email protected]
Showroom Address140 Paya Lebar Road, #06-19 [email protected] Lebar, Singapore 409015
Opening hoursMon to Fri: 10AM-6PM, Sat to Sun: 12PM-6PM (Closed on PHs)

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