We Chat with Charles Fazzino about The Colors of Singapore

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Charles Fazzino is a pop artist most famous for his 3-D representations of New York, London and Paris. This month, to celebrate SG50, Singapore’s 50th anniversary of independence, Fazzino adds Singapore to his globally oriented collection. In this, the first of two interviews, our writer, Liz Champion speaks with Charles Fazzino about his creative process and how he used Singapore for inspiration.

Whether you are looking at a picture of New York, Paris or Singapore there is one thing that makes Charles Fazzino’s artwork stand out, and that’s happiness.

With their vibrant colours, innovative style, technique and sense of composition Fazzino artwork cannot help but make you feel happy.

My artwork is meant to be happy,” Fazzino says. “It’s supposed to be something that everyone can relate to. You don’t need an art degree to appreciate what I’m drawing. I try to capture what life is like…what we eat, where we travel, what we do for a living, the events we attend, and the celebrities we idolize. My entire collection taken together can be considered a comprehensive history of popular culture. I want people to look at my artwork, remember things and people that are special to them and smile!”

His inspiration comes from a combination of fun, happiness, colour, whimsical and details. “I bring all these things together to achieve my goal of creating artwork that is happy.

Fazzino’s latest 3-D artwork exhibition, THE COLORS OF SINGAPORE, at the Bruno Gallery Singapore aims to capture everything that is special about Singapore.

First and foremost, it is a celebration of the 50th Anniversary of Singapore. That is the focus,” says Fazzino. “For this exhibition, we’ve included other works that I have done for places around the world including Manhattan, Broadway, London and Paris. My work is globally oriented and I’m proud to add Singapore to my collection now.


To celebrate the nation’s jubilee year, the exhibition will also showcase a specially-created artwork – Celebrating the Enchanted Island of Singapore. This piece captures all the major iconic symbols and landmarks that have made Singapore famous worldwide including the Merlion, Singapore Zoo and Marina Bay Sands.

In order to conceptualise this special piece, Fazzino carried out extensive research and worked with the Bruno Art Gallery.

“My extensive research and contacts at Bruno Art Gallery were instrumental. I couldn’t have done it without them. They were my eyes and ears on the ground. After this project, I do feel like I’ve actually been there and I’m looking forward to seeing the actual place to compare it with what I drew. I really wanted to capture EVERYTHING that is special about Singapore. I’m sure there are some things missing but I made sure to get in everything from the Wildlife Reserves Singapore to Orchard Road, Sentosa, Changi Airport, Raffles Hotel and the major buildings downtown. It is hard to pick out individual elements because all together, they become something new.

Whilst creating the artwork, Fazzino developed a keen interest in Singapore, and is looking forward to his first visit.

This trip will be my first time in Singapore, so I can’t tell you yet what I like. However, I can tell you that from doing research for the artwork and talking to people who live there, I am more convinced than ever that Singapore is a very special place…it’s mysterious and magical…and full of colour…my kind of town!

The exhibition takes place from 27 May to 14 June, and is a fantastic opportunity to see the new collection alongside some of his more famous pieces.

The process of creating the artworks is complicated and extremely time-intensive, but it’s a process that Charles enjoys.  You can read the full interview and learn the details of the creative process HERE.

For more information on the exhibition visit http://www.brunoartgroup.com/

In the second part of our interview with Charles Fazzino he talks about his career highlights and how it all began. (coming up next)

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