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What Makes a Good Diaper Bag



Jazzing it up with our Diaper Bags

We make changes to our wardrobe to be more comfortable, practical, efficient and convenient around our bubbas once we become mothers.  It doesn’t mean that once we become mothers we can’t be stylish, we can still spot a good stylish diaper bag to look that stylish part in us.

The diaper bags that are available these days are better with multiple functions and can also be used as a normal bag even after our bubba grows out of infancy. The Camama Kipling Baby Bag is part of the 2016 Year of the Monkey collection here in Singapore, and while this feature is fashionably late, the features of this nifty bag are timeless and any stylish mum will appreciate its thoughtful design.

MULTIPLE FUNCTION DIAPER BAGmultiple_function_diaper_bag_kipling

Blending form with functionality, the main compartment will hold diapers and plenty of necessities in the sectioned zones lining the inner walls. The low profile front section holds a matching changing mat, and included in the set is a clip on pacifier pouch and insulated milk bottle holder that’s big enough for more than one bottle.

Kipling knows that as a parent, you’ll probably be toting all sorts of odds and ends in the bag along with a stash of diapers. The sections and carrying pouches have been kept low and tidy, so even when you fill the bag up there won’t be unsightly bulges in odd places.


The zippers are built tough, with large grippers for easy opening. The Kipling BabyBag looks pretty unisex too, so even dads can carry it and not look embarrassed!

Our Kipling diaper bag was custom embroidered with the Bubbamama text above the main logo, and this is a great way to personalise it either for yourself or to a friend as a gift. A pair of short straps with small plastic snap buckles adorn each end of the bag, and they have a cool purpose: the bag can be securely clipped to the lower section of a pram for convenience!


An additional matching compact changing mat was also included in our set, and it’s a standalone piece that can be ported around in its own carrying pouch. Mums know that it’s always handy to have more than one for use away from home.


  • Kipling Stores:
    • 313@somerset, #B1-31/32 | +65 6509 3314
    • Bugis Junction, #01-25/25A | +65 6254 6108
    • Changi City Point, #01-50 | +65 6444 7746
    • ION Orchard, #B3-61 | +65 6634 3200
    • Jem (Jurong East Mall), #01-55 | +65 6262 0259
    • VivoCity, #01-96/97 | +65 6376 9598
  • Departmental Stores:
    • Takashimaya, Level 2
    • Isetan Scotts, Level 1
    • OG Orchard Point, Level 1
    • OG Albert, Level 1
    • OG People’s Park, Level 2
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Cassandra Kong

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