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Review: What’s New at the Singapore Science Centre

HBX Stomach
HBX Stomach
HBX Stomach


Going along to the Singapore Science Centre is always a fun day out and now, with 2 new educational exhibits its time to take the whole family along to experience just how Science is Fun!

Exploring Nature’s Design exhibit – this exhibit consist of a Robot Zoo, Tinkering Space and Seed Carving exhibits. The Robot Zoo – 7,000 square-feet of Robot Zoo explores the ingenuity of nature as a master engineer using robotics. Visitors will find eight giant mechanical animals that mirror and simulate the biological makeup of their real-life counterparts. Muscles will be pistons, intestines will transform into filtering pipes and brains are computers – all this to demonstrate just how animals function in their natural environment.

Human Body Experience (HBX) – This edutainment, larger-than-life exhibition takes visitors inside and out the other end of a 1,000 square- meter human body, following the path through the anatomy, through organs, muscles and systems. The exhibition shows the inner workings of the brain, lungs, digestive system and circulatory system. With a combination of strobe lighting, mist spray, confined spaces, unsteady surfaces, tactile sculptures, optical illusions, holograms, audio, 3D video and touch pads, visitors will get a unique multi-sensory experience.

The kids at the science centre exploring the h...

Our Editor, Clare Victoria went along to the Singapore Science Centre recently with her family and enjoyed a presentation of these new exhibits. She tells us (that) “it’s clear to see the ‘fun’ element to both areas as visitors young and old are both intrigued with the mechanics and engineering featured in Exploring Nature’s Design as well as the attention to detail in the larger-than-life HBX exhibit”. Clare’s kids were all to eager to add to this ‘What’s New at the Singapore Science Centre Review”:-

Edward (age 12 years) – My favourite was the Human Body exhibit. Climbing through the huge mouth was a little bit strange and being ‘inside’ the body was even stranger! But I learned how the body works and how the brain fits the whole body together. It’s great!

Edward (age 11 years) – I love knowing how things work and what makes things move so the Exploring Nature’s Design exhibit was good to show me that. It was funny to see the animals all put together using mechanics but really showed me how the animals bodies move along just like machines. It was really interesting! The HBX is great – I liked exploring the inside of the human body, the lights different sculptures made it lots of fun!

Exploring Nature’s Design will run at the Singapore Science Centre until 24 August 2014
Human Body Experience will run until 31 May 2016 – this is a ticketed exhibit.
For more information, please visit science.edu.sg or call +65 6425 2500
Singapore Science Centre is at 15 Science Centre Rd, Singapore 609081
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