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Thunder Thighs’ was what the boys at school used to tease me during college days. I was not particularly fat, but I am pear-shaped, and used to be active in sports at my teens: in badminton, swimming and ballet. Almost all sports activities had to come to a standstill after I had torn an ankle ligament after a bad fall during ballet practice. As my physical activities significantly reduced over the years, I noticed the size of my thighs started to increase; hence was crowned as Thunder Thighs and teased by the boys during physical exercise lessons.

I regained physical activities when my ankle healed, but the thighs were still bulky. I decided to embark on liposuction in my mid-twenties, but the extraction was not well done despite two procedures within a span of 3 years. Visible uneven subcutaneous lumps can be seen on the inner thighs. I grew more body conscious and I hid my thighs by wearing jeans, dresses, and pants. Never did I ever attempt to wear shorts outdoors. Over the years, I have tried Endermologie and Mesotherapy in hope to even out the subcutaneous fat lumps – none were satisfactory. Now at 40 after two beautiful kids, Thunder Thighs also faces skin elasticity issues. I am destined to carry this name sadly to my grave.


A dear friend recommended Liposonix. It is a non-evasive treatment using high-intensity focused ultrasound to treat and eliminate stubborn fats at SL Clinic located in Plaza Singapura. It promises to target the subcutaneous fat and deliver uniform, predictable results after a single one-hour treatment. Results are typically seen in 8 to 12 weeks as time is needed for the body to naturally process the treated fat area and processed via the body’s normal biochemical pathways. Results are said to be permanent with proper diet and exercise. Despite being sceptical and disheartened due to my years of attempts with various treatments, my inner-self cries for another possible solution.

I met a friendly and approachable Dr. Ho Sue Wei for consultation, and she reassured that Liposonix could help to reduce the subcutaneous lumpy fatty appearance between the thighs. SL Clinic was founded in 2004 and has been practicing Liposonix on patients for the last two years, using the most advanced Liposonix machine. Liposonix is FDA and HSA-approved for targeted body contouring, not as a weight loss solution. It is not suitable for patients who are pregnant, nursing mothers, or have an existing heart condition. Liposonix is not recommended for patients with a Body Masss Index (BMI) above 25 as the results will not be as visible (unless he/she is treated many times; this is less economical than compared to having Liposuction). It is also not for patients with less than 1-inch of pinchable fat on the intended treated area and this needs to be accessed by doctors.



I was given a painkiller 30 minutes before treatment, and Dr. Ho marked 5cm by 5cm squares on the intended targeted area. Water is then sprayed on the marked targeted areas as it acts to remove the air between the handheld device head and my skin; allowing for transmission of the ultrasound energy into the body. I experienced mild discomfort with prickling, tingling sensation, and there was a slight warmth beneath the skin. Dr. Ho explained that the fat underneath is denatured by the heat, generated by the high-intensity ultrasound energy. The warm sensation was still felt several hours after the treatment. And the treated area felt slightly tender on the over the next few days. The discomfort during treatment was not unbearable, and nothing can be compared to childbirth contractions. Having said that, it is not suitable for patients with a very low threshold of pain.

Dr Ho recommends Liposonix to mothers who are seeking postnatal treatments to improve body contour lines on tummy, waist, and thighs. It will also aid in skin tightening. Because Liposonix generates heat in the fat tissue, there is statistically some effect on collagen with tightening. However, the treatment is focused at a depth of about 3/4 of an inch and intended to target the fat layer; any skin tightening effects should be taken as a secondary benefit.

Liposonix should only be embarked six months after delivery, especially cesarean delivery to allow the surgical wound to heal completely before any treatment is carried out. Nursing mothers are not suitable for Liposonix, no matter the post-delivery period.


Cost: Liposonix is priced by the number of squares treated. Doctors will advise on the number of squared needed to be treated after consultation.

  • $250** per square below twelve squares; and
  • $200** per square from twelve squares onwards

For more information, please contact SL Clinic at +65 6694 5807 or visit skinlabmedspa.com. 

**Prices exclude Goods & Services Tax (G.S.T.).

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