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2013 is the Year to Travel MORE!

English: Logo of AirAsia.
English: Logo of AirAsia. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

AirAsia Expedia, the world’s best low cost airline and world’s largest online travel company join hands to bring budget travelling to new heights. At the helm is Kathleen TanChief Executive Officer, who is set to grow the business in Asia- another capable woman at the top- I am sure this joint venture will make travelling more cost efficient, convenient and enjoyable.

Looks like 2013 is going to be an exciting year for keen travellers like me and I will let my fingers do the walking- I mean the booking ;). Bubba & I will be visiting more places frequently since travelling has become more accessible to us! Thank you AirAsia Expedia!

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  1. Adrian T says:

    2013 is my mission to traval around the work a bit more too. Keep up the spirit and all wishes will come true.

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