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3 Groovy Pigs ipad Application for Kids

When I get home from work everyday, Bubba would pull my hand and drag me to my ipad to make me and read the 3 Groovy Little Pigs story to him.  He’s only 18 months old now and he can only communicate through his actions and ‘wows’ and smiles of satisfaction.  Since I got the application 3 weeks back, I’ve been reading it to him everyday.  He has been learning really fast through the e-storybook and attempted to solve a sliding tile puzzle today. IMG_2470

I just switched over to the puzzle for Bubba


Bubba attempting to solve a puzzle


Bubba’s first puzzle piece


Bubba’s second puzzle pieceIMG_2474

Almost done!  Bubba’s progress is amazing and I strongly encourage mothers to get this ipad application for their children to read.

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