3 Steps routine for Beautiful Youthful Skin

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Our skin is the canvas for our daily artistic affair and it is important to keep it clean and moist in order to paint a good picture- for the cosmetic products to compliment our skin.  So working mothers like me embrace the 3 steps routine because it is the fastest way to prep the skin ready for the day.

Clean skin is the most important thing.  Without that, you’ll just be rubbing your moisturizer around with dirt and grime on your face”– says Andrew Goetz of Malin + Goetz.  With that in mind, I take my first step very seriously and started using a handmade Bamboo Charcoal soap (made by a friend) because it is paraben free.


This soap contains bamboo charcoal, lime essential oil and green tea powder.  Bamboo charcoal is known for its detoxifying and clarifying qualities, and effective for treating acne.  The lime essential oil serves as an antiseptic and good for acne while green tea powder is an antioxidant and improves cell turnover for a youthful complexion.

After using the soap for 3 weeks, I noticed there are less blackheads on my nose 😉 and I would strongly recommend this soap to all my friends for better start to a 3 steps skin regime.

Where to get it: Charcoal Bamboo & Green Tea soap, $12 for 100g ( available in Feb ’13 at My Magic Closet)

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