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There are so many opportunities that allow us to show our creativity and design skills quite easily.  We can add unique one of a kind pieces to our lives; wardrobe, beauty regime and lifestyle accessories. Take a look at what took our eye from these 4 customisation services to try.

2. Jeanuine_Product_1

Jeans by you for you with Jeanuine at Victor York

Affordable, fully customised jeans are possible now that Singapore’s luxury tailoring brand, Victor York has partnered with bespoke French denim brand, Jeanuine.  There are countless customisable elements, including pocket design, thread colours and accessories, each pair of Jeanuine jeans can be modelled to suit an individual’s style, shape and personality. We can customise and order online, but we also have the added option of touching the customisation choices as these are on display at Victor York boutique on Boat Quay.

We recently customised our very own pair of Jeanuine jeans using the Jean Maker web application and cannot wait to see the finished product – we went for bright pink stitching and of course had our name and initials embroidered too for a true show of unique creativity. We will be sharing our experience of the customisation service by Jeanuine at Victor York very soon!

For more information about Jeanuine, please click HERE and to see the online store of Victor York, please click HERE


Build-a-Boot for Mama and Bubba at Timberland

With Timberland’s new online customisation program you can choose your favourite style from six Timberland models, including the ever popular classing 6″ boots, 2-Eye Boat Shoes and 3-Eye Classic Lug Shoes, to customise your own one-of-a-kind footwear.

From choosing the colour of the leather to the details of initial embroidery on tongue and heel, colour of soles and type of lace hardware, you can express yourself and your creativity in your very own rugged to refined style.

This Design Your Own interface is now optimised for desktops, tablets and mobile phones. You can also view the “DYO Gallery” and get inspirations from celebrities and fashion icons.

Design your own pricing details; women’s classic 6″ boots SGD$359, Women’s classic 2-eye boat shoes SGD$269. There are mens, junior and youth styles available for customisation too.  Click HERE to get started on your next pair of Timberland boots.


My PEN My Style : Create Your Personalised Olympus PEN E-PL7

The highly-sought after and popular Olympus PEN E-PL7 camera now comes with the option to personalise and customise, with the My PEN, My Style service. Customise from the body colour to the type of lens and accessories to express your style and show your creative flare.

From pink to blue to orange and more, the PEN E-PL7 Customisation has more than just colours to offer. The variety of trendy strap options comes in fashionable floral prints and patterned shapes to give your camera character. To complete the look, we can also choose from an assortment of exclusive leather camera bags from American Brand Jill-E, and even Cath Kidston pouches for the ultimate in style and protection for your PEN.

Not only are the colours and patterns catered for, we can also choose from 4 different types of lenses that match our ‘shooting’ style.

This My PEN, My Style customisation service is exclusively available online at www.shopatolympus.com.sg, click HERE for pricing details.


Create Your Own Remedies with Neal’s Yard

Those of us familiar with Neal’s Yard will know that this company is UK born and was founded in 1981, working with aromatherapy at it’s heart, Neal’s Yard uses essential oils to create remedies to heal, relax and bring fragrance to our lives. Now, we can actually create our own based on the scents we like and the essential oils we need in our lives.

The Create Range at Neal’s Yard is for us to choose a fragrance free base product (hair & body wash, bath oil, face and body lotion, ointment), add our chosen essential oils and blend to create our very own beauty and therapeutic range. All products in the Create Range are ideal for sensitive skin, great for kids and teens and essential for those who want a customised product added to their bath and beauty routine.

Neal’s Yard Remedies can be found at Millenia Walk. For more information and pricing, please click HERE.


express your creativity by painting, taking a photo, or typing some text, then apply any of the available visual effects to create a one‑of‑a‑kind T-shirt. Feel free to experiment until you have perfected your design – it is free of charge! UTme! app is available free for download in Google Play and iTunes.

UTme! T-shirts can be printed and purchased at UNIQLO Bugis+ at SGD $29.90 for adults and $24.90 for kids. UTme! printing will take about 10 minutes, depending on the complexity of your design and the number of orders in the queue.

UTme Google Play

UTme on iTunes

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