5 Saving Water Tips

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With the recent SGBudget 2017 estimating a projected 30% increase in the price of water, the biggest nationwide concern is undoubtedly the spike in the monthly water expenses.

In light of this, here are 5 simple tips you can adopt to keep track of your monthly water expenses and household expenditure.


Washing clothes is part of our regime – weekly or daily – and the washing cycle for clean clothes in washing machines use up quite a fair bit of water in our households. Hence using the washing machine that saves the most water will help with maintaining the water consumption. 

LG TurboWash Washing Machine (1410SPRE) was awarded 4 ticks in water efficiency by PUB (which is the highest level there is), saves up to 31% in water consumption (66.6L —> 46L) and 12.4% of energy consumption (0.554kWh —> 0.485kWh).
Bosch ActiveOxygen Washing Machine (WAW28790IL) water consumption is 36.5L. The Bosch ActiveOxygen Washer can kill up to 99.99% of bacteria and germs, even at low temperatures. It uses ActiveWater technology equipped with sensors to adjust the exact water needed to get perfect cleaning results, based on the fabric type and quantity. Thanks to the VarioSoft and VarioDrum features, water gets distributed throughout the laundry load evenly and quickly to curb water wastage.


The PUB Water Saving Kit features mascot, Water Wally, also found on the NEWater packaging most Singaporeans would find familiar with. Aside from the personalised endorsement of a likable mascot such as Water Wally, this Water Saving Kit issued by PUB serves as a friendly reminder that water conservation is not at all a tedious process.

Individuals can simply request for a complimentary Water Saving Kit online without hassle. The Water Saving Kit includes a set of thimbles that would help manage water flow rates in your household faucets and showerheads.


Advanced technologies for water conservation does not have to cost a bomb. While most of us are not living in eco-homes like the recent Tree Lodge @ Punggol Build-to-Order project, the integration of water-saving technologies in your daily appliances usage is highly encouraged.

PUB will intend to develop a smart device that can monitor real-time water usage. Research found that an average household saves approximately 20% of water during showers, in a span of 6 short months. A simple instalment of the device on a showerhead will collate real-time information of water consumption rates – that translates to a qualitative rating system, ranging from ‘very good’ to ‘too much’. Stay tuned to PUB’s Facebook page for more updates.


While most automation systems help households conserve water and upgrade homes to ‘smart-homes’, not all technologies are effective in trimming water usage. Auto-flushing systems have been rather common adoption in many households. However, you may notice irregularities in the auto-sensors – more often than not flushing more than you require. This may implicate your water conservation efforts and instead of saving more, you use more.

Do proper research before committing into a new, smart tech to support your water conservation efforts. Be ultra-efficient and budget-friendly at the same time!


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Essentially, everyone has a part to play when it comes to water consumption. Small changes in your daily life can reflect a big difference. Making slight changes and being conscientious about water usage is the key to water conservation.

Take shorter showers. Turn taps off when not in use. Reuse collected rainwater to attend to your plants. Repair leaks regularly. All these are part and parcel to what contributes to your daily water consumption – and the impact on your monthly bills should never be undermined.

Have any other water-saving ideas to share with other mamas? Share your good practices with us – let’s make our community sustainable and eco-friendly one step at a time!

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