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New Cool Flavours for Three Legs Cooling Water


There is no medical term for body heatiness except in the books for Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). 

As most of us in Singapore grew up drinking Three Legs Cooling Water, we all know it is the drink to consume when our body is reacting to this hot weather or the heaty food. We fall sick from all the heaty food – too much durian, barbecue, spicy or fried food – and there is no food that can relieve this ‘body heatiness’ like the Three Legs Cooling Water or the Chinese medicine. 

Adding a modern twist to the old traditional tasteless cooling medicine water, Three Legs Cooling Water has launched 2 new flavours – Lychee, Lime and Guava – making the drinking experience more pleasant, refreshing and also more appealing. We particularly love the Three Legs Cooling Water in Lychee flavour, it has a hint of the sweet lychee flavour and is very refreshing.  

The cooling medicine water benefits us by helping us to alleviate body heatiness due to heat stroke, pro-long exposure under the hot sun, smoking, consuming too much heaty or spicy food. Symptoms cause by body heatiness cause discomfort and are not fatal, they include sore throat, burning sensation, headaches, pimples and acne, oral ulcers and constipation. 


Ingredients (natural minerals): Gypsum Fibrosum, Calcitum, de-ionised water.

Directions for use: Adults – 1 bottle (320ml) each time, 4 times daily | Children (3 – 12 years old) – half bottle (160ml) each time, 4 times daily. 

For more information, please visit wenken.com.

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