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Soothe your skin with Jeju New Bamboo Line

innisfree_ Jeju_Bamboo_skincare

There’s everything to be loved about Innisfree, South Korea’s leading all-natural brand.

For the quality products that Innisfree offer at such affordable prices, it is of little wonder that Innisfree stores are always packed with ladies- their products never fail to disappoint!

We are in bundles of excitement as Innisfree has launched their latest Jeju Bamboo Line! Now available in stores, this Bamboo Line is made up of three products, namely the Jeju Bamboo All-in-one Fluid, Jeju Bamboo Sleeping Pack and Jeju Bamboo Soft Balm! Before you think ‘oh, it’s just another Bamboo product,’ and move on, you are about to be amazed because they are so much more!  The new Jeju Bamboo line is wonderful for fighting away spawns of the skin such as acne and eczema, and also for treating skin that has been affected by UV rays.

Here is the magic ingredient- the Jeju Bamboo water which comes from the Jeju Bamboo, a unique bamboo species that possesses medicinal benefits. Jeju Bamboo water has been proven to be great for the skin and is especially effective in its deterrence of acne and eczema! By replacing pure water with this lovely bamboo water, we get just that additional skincare effect that we so desire! The Jeju Bamboo Line also has an oil and alcohol-free formula which makes it great for all skin types. The products contain Purisoft Complex that serves to keep dirt and external irritants away so that we can all own dewy and clear skin!

STEP 1: Jeju Bamboo All-in-one Fluid (100ml, S$29)

After cleansing your face, apply the Jeju All-in-one Fluid. Like its name suggests, it takes care of so many things, acting as a toner, lotion and serum all at once! Don’t worry, your skin now absorbs all the moisturising goodness from within (thanks to Gel Network Technology!), and it feels light on your skin too!

STEP 2: Jeju Bamboo Soft Balm (100ml, $29)

Afterwards, slap on this soothing balm. Its smooth balm texture makes for an easy application! Immediately, you have a protective layer to keep your skin moisturised and supple.

innisfree_ Jeju_Bamboo_Soft_Balm
STEP 3: Jeju Bamboo Sleeping Pack (100ml), $23

Lastly, put on the Jeju Bamboo Sleeping Pack and head away to dreamland! Its Extra Mile Complex provides anti-oxidation and calming effects to the skin as you snooze away, revitalising the skin overnight!

For more information, please visit innisfree.com.

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