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A Glimmer of Hope

I was losing all hope but I decided I had to fight back. Under the doctors’ care and a new course of medication, I also kept positive by eating healthy and working out – I immersed myself in yoga.

It took a while, but I slowly could see things improving. I was getting my figure back, and I started going out again.

I met a wonderful man (let’s just call him Mr LAM), and it was such a refreshing change because my last few relationships were disasters of their own right. It was a great two-year spell filled with some magic moments I will keep with me for a long time.

Then, we started to have problems communicating. I guess my job was not helping because it took up so much time, but he started feeling we were not the perfect fit anymore.

We eventually broke up and I was left heartbroken. I realized that this was my first true love, and it was so painful to have something so precious torn away.

It was also after the break up, that I found out about my pregnancy. It was such a mixture of emotions at once: Was I ready to be a mother? Am I dreaming? Could this bring him back?

He was dead set against it. He had just achieved some measure of success after so long, and was settling into his career. He reasoned that this was clearly not for him.

But I felt otherwise.

I wanted to keep this little life inside me going. I have always been a fighter, and my little baby means I have something even more meaningful to fight for now.

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Comments 3

  1. Your strength is encouraging.

    • Bubba & Mama says:

      Thanks! I didn’t do this alone…. I drew strength from God. My family, friends and some of my colleagues were very supportive and helped me through this.

  2. yflcsandi.wordpress.com says:

    Hey sista, thanks for sharing with me. it takes great courage to share your weakest side and not fearing you’ll be weakened further. Mother and son will be protected and safe in Abba’s hands. You have a champion in your hands, never forget that. Its God’s gift to us — our children. If he doesn’t recognise that, it is his loss. Our God is the Provider, Jehovah Jireh, He will provide all your needs according to His riches in glory, according to how rich He is, and not measured by how rich the world is. Amen. Trust that u have a listening ear in me and you’re welcome back to NCC anytime.

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