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Shanghai Baby

It was 2005 when I moved to Shanghai. I was pretty young and adventure ruled my heart. I was lured by the promise of being a rising star in an exciting job, in a city filled with infinite possibilities.

But I found that the picture I painted in my mind’s eye was worlds apart once I arrived. The job tied me up with the long hours and demanding schedule. The cold Chinese winters also added a certain gloomy atmosphere to my life. And I knew no one. I was utterly alone.

The stress eventually made me fall ill.

The doctors told me it was a condition called hypothyroid.

That put a major dent in my life. From the hot girl weighing 49kg, the condition quickly added on the bulk, and my new weight was a horrifying 60kg. It seriously punctured my ego and made me feel even more reclusive.

I ran home to Singapore to seek medical help. I was ashamed of my new body so I avoided everyone and became absolutely cynical about life.

I felt sorry for myself and this chapter that was supposed to be so beautiful, started to star showcase some of the darkest moments in my life.

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  1. How is the thyroid now, how long did it take to shed off the weight?

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