The Client List

Jennifer Love Hewitt plays Riley Parks who is a single mother living in small town Beaumont, Texas.   Deserted by her husband and left with two young children, she struggles to make ends meet by working at a seemingly traditional day spa.  She soon realizes that some of her co-workers are giving more than just massages […]

New Year Resolutions, to keep or not to keep?

We start off a new year with hopes that we will fulfil our resolutions only to find that we haven’t really accomplished them. I just want to say, don’t be too hard on yourself because statistics have shown that only 45% of people make resolutions and only 8% of them succeed in meeting their resolutions […]

Best Children Apps Gifts for Christmas!

The children these days are more fortunate than children my time.  Parents like me are concern if it is healthy to expose young children to gadgets like the ipad, iphone, tablets and nintendo wii at such a tender age.  There are too many gadgets for them to play and it can be very addictive- so addictive […]

What Every New Mom Needs, A Pair of Havaianas

I have to say Havaianas is a must have for all mothers-to-be and new mothers (single mothers even more so).  I started wearing mine when I was 5 months pregnant because I have to start wearing flats- the heels were giving me a backache. Everyone was worried about me because they were afraid I might […]

Family Day at CHC

It was the first time Bubba and Becca were in church together and he put his arm around Becca’s arm neck giving her a hug when he saw her.  Bubba don’t usually give anyone a hug and this is the second time he hugged Becca. I am sure these two will become very good friends […]

Quality BubbaMama Happyments

It was a swift decision to go to London to visit Gabriel– my BFF. Very quickly, I packed my bags in 30 minutes last night and I am proud to say I am a really light traveller 😉 I had only 3 hours with Bubba before I fly off to London- I rushed home righ […]

Shanghai Baby

It was 2005 when I moved to Shanghai. I was pretty young and adventure ruled my heart. I was lured by the promise of being a rising star in an exciting job, in a city filled with infinite possibilities. But I found that the picture I painted in my mind’s eye was worlds apart once […]