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The Client List

A devoted and loving mother
A devoted and loving mother
A devoted and loving mother

Jennifer Love Hewitt plays Riley Parks who is a single mother living in small town Beaumont, Texas.   Deserted by her husband and left with two young children, she struggles to make ends meet by working at a seemingly traditional day spa.  She soon realizes that some of her co-workers are giving more than just massages and she must make the difficult decision to take up opportunity or not to ease her financial woes.

The Client List Season 1, Episode 101 Photo credit:  Sony Pictures Television/Michael Desmond


The sexy Messeur at work
The sexy Messeur at work

Riley Parks leads a double life- a doting single mother at home and a sexy masseur at work.  The men in her Client List are there to fulfill their fantasy, somehow all of them are extremely hot but in reality are men who go for these special massages that hot?

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