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Family Day at CHC

Koala Bear Mascot stopped to take pics with us
Bubba & Becca

It was the first time Bubba and Becca were in church together and he put his arm around Becca’s arm neck giving her a hug when he saw her.  Bubba don’t usually give anyone a hug and this is the second time he hugged Becca.

Bubba & Mama worshipping in church together
Bubba Mama listening to Pastor Pringle’s sermon

I am sure these two will become very good friends when they grow up- even though they are 4 years apart.  I feel its important for all children to have a few close friends growing up- hence going to church with other children is an opportunity to do that- and I am glad that Bubba has found himself one he can grow with 😉

Bubba got distracted and started eating chocolate panda
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