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A Natural Defence Against Cancer : POMI-T®

Pomi-T Pack Shot_Low Res

Pomi-T Pack Shot_Low Res


Eating correct and eating a good balanced diet is the main key being healthy and getting our bodies into shape. It is also about knowing what the body needs to function properly and getting sufficient nutrients for a healthy well-balanced diet.

POMI-T® keeps things simple and makes keeping to a healthy diet so much easier. Made from a perfect balance of foods from four distinct food categories; fruit, vegetable, spice and leaf, POMI-T® harnesses the natural oxidants and anti-cancer properties of pomegranate, broccoli, turmeric and green tea in a convenient capsule form.

Formulated by a leading British oncologist, Professor Robert Thomas, POMI-T® stands out as one of the few supplements supported by medical research to boost the body’s defence against cancer. Its combination of natural ingredients has been carefully researched in a study backed by United Kingdom’s National Cancer Research Network (NCRN).

In support of World Cancer Day (4 February 2015) POMI-T® will be holding a sampling event where 400 bottles of POMI-T® will be given away! All you have to do is bring along an empty bottle of health supplement (any brand) in exchange for a new bottle of POMI-T® containing 60 capsules. Full details below:-

POMI-T® Sampling Event for World Cancer Day on 4 February 2015

Dates: Wednesday, 4 February 2015
Time: 12pm to 5pm
Venues: Participating Guardian store at Ngee Ann City, Tampines Mall, Jurong Point and NEX only Details: Consumers simply have to bring in an empty bottle of health supplement (any brand) in exchange for new bottle of POMI-T® (60 capsules). This is limited to 100 bottles of POMI-T® per store.

POMI-T® is available at all leading pharmacies and retails at $49.90 for a bottle of 60 capsules. From now till 31st January 2015, POMI-T® will retail at $39.90 for a bottle of 60 capsules at all Guardian and Unity outlets.

For more information, please click HERE to visit POMI-T® website or visit their Facebook Page HERE.

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