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AXA Insurance Launches Singapore’s First Prenatal Plan Offering Preterm Caesarean Delivery Benefit for Mother and Free Health Insurance Cover for Newborn

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AXA Insurance has launched AXA EmpoweredMum, a single premium three-year prenatal plan which comes with unique and comprehensive protection benefits for expectant mothers and their newborn child. Besides first-in-market coverage for early delivery by caesarean section, it is also the first plan in  Singapore to provide free first-year health insurance cover for the newborn child without medical underwriting.

AXA EmpoweredMum offers the following benefits for mother and child throughout pregnancy and after  childbirth:

  • First-of-its-kind early delivery by caesarean section benefit1 for mother: Mothers receive 15% of the sum assured for a caesarean delivery at less than 36 weeks of gestation, that is deemed medically necessary by a treating doctor. 
  • Free AXA Shield Plan B cover to meet child’s first insurance needs: This is the first prenatal plan in Singapore to offer free first-year health insurance cover for the child without the need for medical underwriting for a hassle-free application. Parents will have peace of mind knowing that their child has hospitalisation coverage shortly after birth.  
  • Pregnancy complications benefit for mother and congenital illnesses benefit for child2:  The plan provides 100% of the sum assured if the mother and child are diagnosed with any of the 15 pregnancy complications and 26 congenital illnesses covered, respectively, one of the highest numbers in the market. 
  • Hospital care and death benefit for mother: Mother and child will receive 2% of the sum assured per day of hospitalisation due to any of the covered hospitalisation events (24 for mother and 17 for child), for up to 30 days, and 100% of the sum assured in the unfortunate event of death. 
  • Developmental delay benefit for the child: In the event of diagnosis of developmental delay in gross motor or speech development of the child, 15% of the sum assured (up to S$3,000) will be provided.

“AXA has always been at the forefront of providing solutions to protect mums-to-be and their babies.  The launch of AXA EmpoweredMum demonstrates our ability to continually enhance our protection solutions, because we want parents to always be able to count on AXA to have the best and most relevant protection during pregnancy. We are committed to being a reliable insurance partner for families here in Singapore,” said Li Choo Kwek-Perroy, Managing Director, Life, AXA Insurance

This new plan can be purchased under two holistic bundled packages: 

  1. AXA HappyMummy covering mother and child only, or  
  2. AXA HappyFamily covering the whole family

For more information, please visit www.axa.com.sg

1 This benefit only covers singleton pregnancies. 

2 Once a claim is paid, this benefit will terminate.

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Katherine Sng

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