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Ayam Brand Tuna : Tap Tap Tuna




Local heritage brand, Ayam Brand, released their first ever gaming application, Tap Tap Tuna, in hopes to bring forth the word about the nutritional values of tuna fish to children in a fun and engaging way.

Available on both the Apple iTunes Store and Android Play Store, Tap Tap Tuna is free for download for all to play.

Ayam Brand understands that the children of today are the gems of tomorrow, and believes that imparting knowledge can be as interesting as learning through a game. Stepping forward to reach out to the younger crowd through the simple and fun Tap Tap Tuna mobile game. The brand aims at educating and informing the young ones more about the benefits of eating Tuna fish through an exciting and interactive manner.

Tap Tap Tuna is also not a typical game. Players would need to step out of their house to purchase and/or scan a can of Ayam Brand Tuna to start playing the game, so children can be expected to be on a hunt to find an Ayam Brand Tuna Can to scan. After scanning, Tap Tap Tuna will then lead players to the main game stage, where they need to tap all the “friendly fishes” as fast as possible to earn points.

Interesting facts are presented in the game. For instance, it’s not known that Ayam Brand Tuna are segmented into five main categories, namely water, sunflower oil, olive oil, mayonnaise and tasty with each category to house different flavours of tuna for every taste bud. At the end of each stage, a question will prompt the players to guess the answer, mostly highlighting the benefits of Ayam Brand Tuna.

What’s more, now until 31 August 2015, players, both young and old, who have earned all the badges and are amongst the top ten scorers of the week, are eligible to win ONE can of Ayam Brand Tuna.

This contest is open to all residents in Singapore who has a valid e-mail or Facebook account. Only one e-mail/Facebook account is entitled to one chance of winning a can of Ayam Brand tuna, multiple entries by the same account will be disqualified.

Ayam Brand Tuna can be found at all major supermarkets island wide. For more information on the Ayam Brand and Tap Tap Tuna, please click HERE

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