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Beyond Hair Therapy Shiny Cap Review



Do you often have no time to go to the hair salon for regular hair treatments? Is your hair very dry, damaged and highly neglected? Well fret no more! BubbaMama found the perfect hair treatment for you. Unfortunately it is not available in Singapore yet but please do remember to buy it the next time you are visiting Korea. It is called the Beyond Damage Therapy Shiny Hair Cap. This is a concentrated hair treatment (comes with a hair cap as well) that contains extracts from Acai Berries which is well known for its high antioxidants capacity and anti aging properties. The dual-phase intensive hair care mask repairs hair damaged by external factors and frequent hair styling. It delivers all-natural nutrients to each strand of dull lifeless hair and can make it silky, shiny and vibrant after just one treatment. We at BubbaMama totally vouch for the effectiveness of this hair treatment. After just one time usage, our hair was soft, smooth and very manageable (even able to tame frizzy ends!!!). It only takes 10-15 minutes to achieve this wonderful effect. So how much is it? It only costs 20,000 won (USD 17.50) for 5 damage treatment caps which works out to be only USD3.50 per treatment. Wallet friendly yet 100% satisfaction guaranteed works out to be a pretty good deal!

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