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BubbaMama Happyments

Bub waiting for the journey to zoo to start

In case anyone thinks Happyments is bad english, its actually Happy + precious moMents.

Today Bubba Mama was accompanied by an entourage of ladies: my 2 twin sisters Emily & Polly, my nieces Annabelle, Phelicia and Phoebe. The whole entourage went to the Zoo despite the hot weather and Bubba Evan was so excited, he couldn’t sit still in the car.  When we got to the Zoo, he was more excited when he saw so many children all waiting to go meet the animals.

Bub clapping his hands when we got to the Zoo

Dear deers
Bub looking curiously at the deers
Bubba giving the curious blur look
Bubba looking over Mama’s shoulder

Giraffes looking at us
Bub playing in the water

‘Swimming’ to the water spout
A curious baby having fun
The elephant show captured Bub’s attention

All eyes on you elephant

Bubba happy Mama tired

Hmmm let me try to recall when was the last time I went to the Zoo….. it was like almost 8 years ago ….. I guess I will be bringing Baby Evan to the Zoo more often….. the look in his face and that smile when he saw the animals was priceless. I am glad I survived the heat on a hot sunny Sunday at the Zoo with Evan.

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