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Celebrate this Lunar New Year with Shanghai Tang

Shanghai Tang Spring Summer 2016


With the Lunar New Year round the corner, leading luxury brand Shanghai Tang has timely unveiled the 2016 Spring/Summer collection with their inspiration from southern Spain.

Shanghai Tang has always personified the fusion of Chinese style with an international outlook.  This season’s advertising campaign was photographed by well-known fashion photographer Richard Bernardin.  Famous international top model – Chinese Tian Yin showcased the women’s Spring/Summer collection against Seville’s historic and charming landmarks.

The three core range in Women Spring Summer 2016 Collection are Culture Collision, Pure Sophistication and 60s Reboot.

Culture Collision pays tribute to a minority Chinese ethnic group known as Miao tribe (族) who primarily lived in the southern China’s mountains. Graphical shapes that conjure into flower patterns on fabric are typical Miao inspired design that flows through this collection.

Shanghai Tang Spring Summer 2016
Miao flower print silk wrap dress with nappa bamboo belt and peony bangle

Sleek modern tribal inspired jewelry can be used to compliment and accessorized any Chinese New Year outfit.

Shanghai Tang Spring Summer 2016- 1.
From left: Tribal Deco pendant, bangles and earrings

Pure Sophistication is a carefree, cruise-inspired collection. Clean and sculptured silhouettes lines are seen with subtle embroidery. Shanghai Tang never fails to revisit their roots with the 1920s Qipao (旗袍) combined with the modernity of the 21st century. Such evergreen, modernized style is suitable for any women today.

Shanghai Tang Spring Summer 2016
Wool rounded neck qipao with degrade petal bamboo belt

Bold prints and bright colors in 60s Reboot range are hallmarks of the 60s. This range has attracted the attention of many, and displayed eye catching bright pastels, giant pop art floral prints on sleek and simple silhouettes.

Shanghai Tang Spring Summer 2016
Peony pop silk dress with chrysanthemum bangle

The Spring/Summer 2016 Collection is now available in all Shanghai Tang boutiques. For more information, please visit shanghaitang.com.

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