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Cleanse And Care With Nivea


Everyone loves putting makeup on, the joy of watching your newly bought highlight sit proudly on your cheekbones and the excitement of swiping on a new lipstick shade. But when it comes to removing make up its usually met with groans and moans. This is because most makeup removers tend to strip your skin of excess moisture and it usually takes more than one swipe to even remove foundation. With that in mind, NIVEA introduces two new micellar waters designed for troubled and sensitive skin to help quicken this process!

NIVEA’S Daily Essentials Sensitive Caring Micellar Water ($11.90 for 200ml) 

Cleanse and Care with Nivea

If you have sensitive skin, this limited edition cleanser might be just what you need! It is infused with lightweight Grape seed oil that provides antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits, and helps to balance skin. It also contains a powerful humectant known as Provitamin B5 that helps to heal and protect skin and will definitely leave your skin feeling hydrated and nourished!

NIVEA Acne Care Make Up Clear Micellar Water ($9.90) 

Cleanse and Care with Nivea

For women with acne-prone skin, this newly launched micellar water contains acne-fighting ingredients such as Lactic acid that helps reduce acne breakouts and Decylene Glycol , an antimicrobial ingredient that helps to fight acne-causing bacteria.

NIVEA White Oil Control Make Up Clear Micellar Water ($9.90/200ml, $18.90/400ml) 

Cleanse and Care with Nivea

Specially formulated for those with oily skin, this popular variant now comes in an larger packsize. The oxygen boost formal will help remove heavy makeup while, Acerola, a fruit extract, will provide as an excellent source of vitamin C to help brighten your complexion.

NIVEA Extra White Make Up Clear Micellar Water ($9.90 for 200ml) 

Cleanse and Care with Nivea

If dull skin is your concern, this vitamin C infused Micellar water will help you to brighten it and bring you closer to your #skingoals!

For a complete cleansing routine,  NIVEA’S range of power cleansers offer up to 3 benefits in 1 use!

NIVEA 3-in-1 Care Cleansing Micellar wipes ($10.90/25 sheets) 

Cleanse and Care with Nivea

For cleansing on the go, the Micellar technology in these cleansing wipes will help to efficiently remove makeup and sebum while keeping skin hydrated with vitamin E, it even removes waterproof makeup!

NIVEA Extra White Make Up Clear 3 in 1 Mud Cleanser ($8.90/100g) 

Cleanse and Care with Nivea

For a daily deep cleanse, this cleanser is applied as a mask and washed off as a makeup remover. Massaging the product into your skin will also turn it into a foam that draws out impurities from deep within pores. The results? Crystal clear skin that feels supple to the touch.

NIVEA Extra White Make Up Clear 3 in 1 Scrub ($14.20 for 100g) 


Cleanse and Care with Nivea

For weekly maintenance, this makeup scrub will not only exfoliate dead skin cells, grime and unclog pores for brighter skin. It will also tighten pores for smoother-looking skin.

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Ynez Lim

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