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Color Wash to Wash School Essentials

Color Wash

Color Wash

As a parent, we are often concerned about the cleanliness and hygiene of our children’s school essentials such as their school shoes and bags? These belongings may have been accumulating dirt and grime during the course of attending school daily. Besides spring cleaning, the end of a school term also spells a post-school clean up to prepare the children for a new school term. Instead of home detergent and DIY scrubbing of school bags and canvas/leather school shoes, professional cleaning definitely can give parents a peace of mind that the best hygiene standards are given to your children.

ColorWash is reputably Singapore’s Leading Professional Cleaning Service Provider. With their expertise, professionalism and experience, ColorWash provides the security of uncompromised hygiene standards enhanced with the use of ozone, one of the most powerful disinfectants. This complements ColorWash’s comprehensive cleaning process to effectively kill all bacteria, sterilize and reduce any odour from the children’s school bags and shoes.

ColorWash also provides specialized cleaning for ballet shoes and sports shoes. Sports footwear often absorb up to one pint of perspiration from the children’s feet if used on a daily basis; and with frequent use, trapped sweat, dirt and perspiration can lead to bacteria growth which is a bane for children’s hygiene and health. Similarly for ballet shoes, due to frequent wearing, the shoes accumulate sweat, dirt and dust. Ballet shoes will require professional cleaning as these shoes are made of delicate silk and satin which requires specialized washing.

Having more than a decade of professional cleaning experience, ColorWash is committed to enhance better living through cleanliness. Visit colorwash.com.sg for more details.

Colorwash retail outlets locally:
Alexandra, PSA building
Bukit Timah Plaza
China Square Central
Mandarin Gallery
Marina Square
Siglap Centre
United Square
West Coast Plaza


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